Find Innate Choice Supplements at New Day!

Dr. James Chestnut’s line of Innate Choice supplements are Dr. Katie‘s go-to recommendation for enhanced health and wellness. These supplements are unmatched in their purity, great taste, and contribution to your genetic requirements for healthy living.
The tagline of the Innate Choice Line is “Everybody, Everyday, For Life!” What that means is, this line specializes in the small number of important supplements that best support overall health, no matter your age or condition. This focus is in stark contrast to the majority of supplement companies that take an allopathic/medical focus to offering supplement to “treat” specific symptoms or ailments.
If you are a human living on planet earth, you will most likely benefit greatly from taking these supplements. The science of of the benefits of omega 3s, probiotics, and vitamin D is

unquestionable at this point.Kristina’s adorable son Gus also happens to be the best spokesperson Innate Choice could have asked for!  You can find a super cute video of him eating “fish squirts” on the New Day Facebook page!  Just go to and scroll down to July 9th

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