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T’is the Season!

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Young Living Essential Oils make the perfect holidays gifts

Act NOW¬†to stock up on oils for your loved ones. . .or to build your own collection ūüôā

You’ll get 1 FREE Frankinsense, 1 FREE Sacred Frankinsense, 1 FREE Myrrh, and 1 FREE Christmas Spirit with your qualifying
November orders!!


Seasons Greetings, New Day!

It may feel like it’s too soon to be planning for holiday gifting. BUT, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas¬†is especially short this year. ¬†AND the Young Living promotions this month and next are too good not to share. ¬†So it behooves you to plan ahead and act now.

This is the perfect time to stock up on oils. ¬†I’m going to tell you exactly what, why, and how!

I joined Young Living as a distributor¬†because I fell in love with these magical, super healing essential oils and with the company’s commitment to quality. ¬†I NEVER thought I’d be one to get involved in any form of “network marketing,” because I didn’t want to dilute the message of Network Care and chiropractic at New Day. ¬†I just wanted to get these awesome oils at a discount for myself, New Day, and to buy as gifts.

And obviously, I needed a steady stream of White Angelica, my favorite oil!

However, as I have continued my journey with the oils and learning about Young Living, I have discovered more and more ways to benefit from my membership.

Here are my top 4 ways you oil fans can give and receive oils this holiday season.


TIP #1 Join Young Living as a Member

If you’re already a member of Young Living, skip ahead to the next 3 tips.

If you aren’t a member, but you buy oils regularly, becoming a member will save you money and allow you to unlock member bonuses through monthly promotions and Essential Rewards.


First, go to

Second, enter my enroller ID number 1425256 in the fields provided.

Third, order your starter kit.  This will include a diffuser and 10, 5 mL bottles of essential oils.  Give these as gifts, or keep them for yourself!

Fourth, buy oils at member prices, about 25 percent off retail, now and all year long!


TIP #2 Make use of the monthly promotional bonuses

I know the box above is a bit difficult to read with the tiny font, but what you need to know about this is that every month, Young Living members can earn free products with qualifying orders.

The bonuses in November and December are notoriously gratuitous, making it the perfect time to stock up with a sufficiently large order, and then reap the benefits.  The December bonuses have not been announced but they are likely to be amazing as well!


First, make a list of all the oils you’d like to give this holiday season. ¬†Add any you’d like for yourself too, of course ūüôā ¬†Buying another starter kit is a great way to get another diffuser to give as a gift and another 10 oils, by the way.

Second, go to¬†, sign in, fill your cart with your order. ¬†And when you go to pay, check out all the free stuff you’ll get!!

In November, a 300PV order (roughly 300 dollars) gets you $233 worth of free oils (see image above). This deal is way too good to pass up!

TIP #3 Join Essential Rewards

As I began my oil journey, I was very suspicious of any sort of mandatory purchasing requirements or monthly subscriptions. Doesn’t everyone remember Columbia House Music Club? ¬†I DID NOT want to be in the position of paying for oils I didn’t want or couldn’t afford.

But as I began using more of the products and building up my selection of oils at New Day, I realized that if I joined Essential Rewards, which is Young Living’s monthly order program, I would be able to earn a lot of free products in the process.


First, log in to Young Living with your account and sign up for Essential Rewards.

Second, you will be responsible for an order with a minimum of $50 per month. With every order you earn back a percentage of Essential Rewards Points for free products.  The longer you stay in the program, the higher your percentage.

I’ve been in Essential Rewards for 3 years and hence I earn the maximum of 25 percent back in points. ¬†So, for example, when I make my November order for 300 PV I will get all the bonuses (discussed above, equalling $233 worth of oils), as well as 75 Essential Rewards points to use in the future (roughly $75 dollars of free oils and products). ¬†I will also get another 20 promotional Essential Rewards points as part of the November promo. ¬†That’s a total of $95 dollars of free oils and products in Essential Rewards points. ¬†It’s crazy.

Third, use your Essential Rewards orders strategically on months, like this one, where the promotional bonuses are especially attractive.  Keep tabs on montly promos throughout the year to maximize the benefits.


To ensure an on-time holiday delivery, order by December 12th!

TIP #4 Pick up oils on your next visit to New Day!

If you’re short on time and/or only interested in buying an oil or two, we have plenty of in-stock oils at New Day! ¬†Lavender, Thieves, and Purification, just to name a few, and our November oil of the month White Angelica. ¬†And very soon we will have our December oil of the month, Sacred Frankinsense!



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