Why “adjustment”? Your questions– answered!

Why do you call it an “adjustment”?

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Your questions, answered!


Good evening, New Day!  I hope you had an amazing weekend and enjoyed the beautiful Chicago weather 🙂 How often do I get to say that? 😉

Today I want to address a common question about chiropractic (most of my blogs address questions from you about your care, so keep them coming!)  Like so many questions about chiropractic and Network Care, this is one I can DEFINITELY relate to having had.

Why do they call it an “adjustment”?

Truthfully, this was something that always rubbed me the wrong way about chiropractic, both when I was first starting in care (circa 2001), and more and more so over the coming years.

When I first heard “adjustment,” I pictured the bones of my spine being pushed back to where they were “supposed” to be.  I heard “my body is being bad, making mistakes, and needs to be fixed,” every week, over and over, otherwise I will be in pain.  Just hearing the word “adjustment” conjured this whole mechanistic world of how my body worked, what was wrong, and how it would need to be fixed over and over. It sounded creaky, cracky, and old! Not exactly the most exciting, inspiring, or healing concept!

Oftentimes, in Network Care, practitioners don’t even call your care an “adjustment.” In an effort to try to differentiate this care from traditional chiropractic, some offices actually use the word “entrainment” instead.  We have used “session” to describe your care at New Day, and tend to use the terms “session” and “adjustment” interchangeably.

Rather than picturing something being out of place, messed up, misaligned, etc, and being “adjusted” back into place by your chiropractor, I think of the adjustment more like helping your spine, the antenna between the brain and the body– tune into the right frequency for healing and optimal function.

Remember the old radio dials, where literally one hair’s width made the difference between music and music garbled with loud static?  When I was a kid I had a radio alarm clock (always hoping for the off chance that I’d be awakened by C and C Music Factory!).  If that dial was off by the TINIEST amount, I would be awoken not by C and C Music Factory, but by ear splitting static and noise.  If anything happened to touch the alarm clock during the night, there was a danger of this happening.  And it would set a horrible tone for the day to come!

When you come in for your adjustment, you’ve been out in the world for days, a week, maybe longer, and every moment of every day that antenna of a spine of yours is working to tune in to the best frequencies for you to feel good, function well in your body, heal old injuries, have healthy thoughts and emotions, and enjoy life to the fullest.  Things happen in life, sometimes just daily stresses on the spine (sitting is the new smoking!), that throw our radio dials off and can make it hard for the spine to tune back in.  Other times, our lives are changing and it’s necessary to tune into a different frequency than before to better support us and our new needs going forward.

That is how you can think of your spinal adjustment.  Not a fix for a spine making dumb mistakes.  Rather, a support in the form of a fine-tuning of your brain and body’s communication system, routinely, over the long term.  It’s literally one of the smartest decisions you could possibly make for your health and your life, setting the tone for every moment of every day, saving you money, time, and trouble.  It is an honor to serve you in this way, and I look forward to seeing you for your adjustments this week, as well as our New Day Community Dinner!

Like food?  Like talking to amazing people?  Like hearing stories of how this care helps other people and sharing your own experiences with others?  Introducing friends and family to this life-changing care and community?

Our long-awaited Community Dinner is coming up NEXT Wednesday, June 7th at 6PM at Fork restaurant in Lincoln Square.


The dinner is $25 (includes meal, tax, tip) and FREE for New Day practice members who bring one or more guests! This is an amazing opportunity to share yourself and share with others during a fun evening with delicious, healthy food.  You MUST RSVP this week if you plan to attend the dinner!  Call or email us, and we will look forward to seeing you then!

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