Are You Ready to Clear the Clutter? Spring into Spring with help from New Day!

If you’re like me and you’re living in the midwest, you may feel like you’re DYING for spring by now!

Besides just the warmth, spring connotes a sense of newness, excitement, and change.  Traditionally “spring cleaning” is one of the ways we get our ready for this uptick in activity in our lives.  It’s how we clear away the old so that we can focus on growing the new.

Is your body ready for spring?  Just as we may find our surroundings dusty, cluttered, and disorganized, so may be our bodies.  By giving our spine and nervous system the care it needs to function effectively and adapt to changes, we create the conditions in our bodies that are necessary for long term change in our lives.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a professional home and office organizer.  She mentioned that as a rule she will not work with “horders” because in her view they need psychological help to truly make progress.  It really had me thinking how our inner lives and the health of our bodies are manifested through our outer lives and surroundings.

The spine is the interface between how we perceive the world, and how we live our lives.  How amazing would it be to take a group of pack-rats, put them under chiropractic care and nutritional coaching, and then see how their lives improve?  We should make a television show about it!

Without laying the foundation for change, as we do in Network Spinal Analysis care through increasing movement in the spine and movement of breath and energy through the body, attempts to clear the clutter will be sporadic and often aimed a getting a quick fix.  Who hasn’t had the experience of suddenly realizing the clutter, the dishes in the sink, the pile of laundry has hit a crisis point and then embarked on a 3 hour long cleaning marathon?  Who hasn’t had the experience of all of this, only to have the same thing happen again 3 weeks later?

Many of us have also had this experience in our bodies.  Suddenly we’re exercising excessively for 3 days before we go back to our old ways.  Suddenly we’re seeing a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or massage therapist, desperately wanting them to “fix” us?

The strategies we build in the body through NSA care makes us less prone to these crises, less prone to wanting a quick fix and more prone to being able to see the larger solution.  The reason for this new ability to perceive is that as the body moves from defense into growth, more blood and more oxygen are reach the higher centers of the brain.  We can be more focused on the important things, rather than the same old patterns ofday to day survival punctuated by crisis.

As we (finally!) transition into spring, notice the areas of your life and your body that could use some “spring cleaning.”  Come and see us, we can help!

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