Back from vacation and feeling stressed already? Dr. Katie can help!

Back from vacation and feeling stressed already?  Dr. Katie can help!

August seems to be the month many of us are going on vacation and/or coming back from vacation.  Isn’t it great when you go on a really relaxing vacation, and a couple days in you feel so relaxed that your body finally lets go?  You might even forget what day of the week it is, you’re so relaxed!

And then you come home and the worry sets in, and you feel your shoulders rise 2 inches.  What if you had somewhere you could go, where after 15 minutes of being there your body would feel as relaxed as though you were on a great vacation?

You do!  At New Day the work Dr. Katie does with your spine and nervous system can have the same effect as a vacation does on your mind and body. Our care helps your body sort out it’s stresses, release it’s worries, and get ready for better things in life.

Vacations are so helpful, but we can’t be on vacation all the time.  Instead, come see us!

Dr. Katie’s hours are Monday through Friday 11AM-1PM and 3PM-6PM, Saturday 10AM-12PM, and by appointment.  You may make appointments for initial visits and free 15 minute consultations through our website or by calling New Day at     (773) 340-2225.

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