Bon voyage! Best of luck!

Bon voyage! Best of luck!


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New Day Practice Members lighting up the world wherever they go


Good afternoon, New Day!

Something that I didn’t think much about when I opened New Day 4 years ago is that part of my job would sometimes be saying “goodbye.”

This may seem strange that this came as surprising to me, coming from someone for whom changing jobs, changing schools, changing careers, moving away, “starting over,” and saying goodbye had been a normal part of life since childhood.  In fact, when I was a kid I used to complain that it always seemed like we were moving just when I was finally becoming one of the cool kids at my school!

The most permanent-feeling thing I have ever had in my life actually isn’t a home, a location, or even a person.  In a lot of ways it’s Network Care!  When I started receiving this care for my spine and nervous system at age 25, my world changed forever.  From day 1 I felt a lightness within that felt like it was emanating out into the rest of my life.  And to think, all I had wanted was for my neck to stop hurting!

When I learned more about chiropractic care, it made so much sense to me that this weekly recalibration of my nervous system would be necessary for my health and wellbeing in a world that requires constant change.  Through this process I have found a peace, stability, and relatedness that went beyond any person, place, or thing I had ever experienced; I felt belonging in my body.  And anytime I forget, the care is there waiting to remind me at my next adjustment 🙂

In the last 4 years we have said goodbye to many beloved New Day practice members as they follow their dreams and move on to other cities.  Right now, we have several to say goodbye to. Melanie H is moving with her family to Colorado.  Bridget E. is going to West Virginia with her fiance. Carrie D has already left for Los Angeles. And soon Kelly S, Caio, and family will be on their way to Utah.

To all of our practice members moving on, and all who have moved away over the years, I have a special message for you:

It has been an absolute joy, honor, and privilege to help see you through this part of your journey in life.  It was as much a joy to see you on your darkest days as well as your brightest.  And I have loved seeing you come into your brightness and brilliance over the years.  You light up the world, make the world a better place, inspire the people around you, and are just all-around cool and amazing!  Go forth, shine brightly, and don’t forget to keep taking good care of your spine!!!

Are you a New Day practice member who has moved away?  Or you are planning a move in the future?  Please share your experiences by commenting below!


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