Can Patchouli be your friend? (yes, yes it can!)

Good evening, New Day essential oil enthusiasts!

I am writing to make sure that you know that Peace & Calming, which has been out of stock for about 1 year due to the difficulty of obtaining one of it’s ingredients, is back in stock for a limited time only.

Peace & Calming is a Young Living classic– one of the original blends that is part of what made Young Living famous and popularized essential oils in the first place.  It is available now, with a limit of 1 per customer per month.  Buy it now, before it’s gone again!

The price is $34.75 (member price) for 5 mL.  Click here to order from Young Living now, by signing in with your member or customer account, or creating one!

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Peace & Calming has a delicious, grounding, and fun fragrance. It contains Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Tangerine, Blue Tansy, and Orange.

“Patchouli?!??”  Whoa there, you Patchouli haters!

I have found that most people who SAY that they hate Patchouli still enjoy Peace & Calming quite a bit, especially if they are not told that it contains Patchouli.  I think that people are so Patchouli-prejudiced that they really, seriously, need to relax.

Think of it this way.  Many Italian dishes contain anchovy paste in the sauce.  Do you normally eat anchovies, like just for fun?  Probably not– in fact, it sounds disgusting.  However, it adds a certain salty butteriness to the sauce that cannot be replicated through other means.  Most restaurant patrons are none the wiser.  What you don’t know can be tasty!

The same is true of the Patchouli in Peace & Calming.  It adds that grounding element that makes Peace & Calming special and not just another super sweet and floral oil blend.  It helps relax the mind and clarify your thoughts.

Peace & Calming periodically goes out of stock, sometimes for long periods of time like recently, because of the seasonality of certain ingredients.  Blue Tansy, for example, is a limiting factor that helps create shortages of many of the oil blends.  It’s actually Young Living’s integrity and commitment to the quality of the raw materials– the plants, from seed to seal– that has the company decide that it’s better not to sell something at all then to sell something of inferior quality.

So enjoy it while it lasts!  Peace & Calming is the perfect addition to your essential oils collection, and is available with a limit of 1 per customer per month until it runs out.  You can be sure that I will be ordering 1 per month for as long as I can get it!

The 1 oil per customer per month limit will most likely keep us from being able to offer Peace & Calming at the oil store at New Day.

Click here to go to Young Living’s website to order Peace & Calming as a member or a customer.  Not signed up as a member or a customer?  You can easily do so by following the steps outlined here in point #1.  Click here and read #1 for instructions!

And don’t forget, there are many, many benefits to making Young Living Oils a part of your daily rituals– one of them is MORE oils!  Essential Rewards allows you to build your oil collection rapidly through free oil rewards.  Click here and read #2 and #3 to learn more!


Questions, comments, or experiences with Peace & Calming?  Please feel free to share below!

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