I was first referred to Network Chiropractic care by a close friend and, while I was a bit unsure what it entailed, was willing to see what it was all about. I had been suffering for a long time from intense neck, shoulder, and upper back pain, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and poor posture. I took my friend up on an offer for a free first visit with Dr. Katie.

Within 5 minutes of meeting me and doing a quick assessment on my body, Dr. Katie was able to know things she couldn’t possibly have known, such as the fact that I used to smoke cigarettes. She could even tell that I had quit, but that it hadn’t been so long! I thought this was crazy, but she’s no sorceress; instead, she was able to feel tension in specific areas of my body, and one of them happened to be the areas of the back connected to the lungs.

I left my initial visit feeling a strange sense of mental peace and physical calm that was difficult to understand but remarkable to feel. I decided to continue working with Dr. Katie and have been doing so for the past 6 months. The differences I feel are absolutely remarkable.

I’m a happier person since receiving Network Care with New Day and Dr. Katie. The physical pain and stress I was experiencing is severely diminished; my mood is improved; I think clearer; my digestive issues have dramatically improved; I’m even sleeping sounder and waking up feeling more refreshed. In general, I feel that my brain and my body are communicating much better with each other and I’m seeing the benefits of improved performance in many areas of my life!

Dr. Katie’s methods of Network Care provide a calm, wellness-like approach to repairing the central nervous system. She works with you and with your body to achieve lasting results, unlike the strength-based adjustments of traditional chiropractic care which need constant repeating.

I am eternally grateful to Dr. Katie, Amber, Diane, and the New Day team for helping me get my life back!

Nick D., Chicago

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