Even though I’m certified in an energy medicine modality, I was still skeptical that the light touch used in Network Care could have a noticeable effect on my spine. I was very surprised by all the shifts and changes I felt after even a few sessions, and even more surprised at how other seemingly-unrelated parts of my life have improved. I’ve heard testimonials from some of Dr. Katie’s other practice members about how the care helps “move you forward” in life and this has been very true for me! The most gratifying result has been a lessening of anxiety as my “default” reaction. I no longer feel the same upward spiral of nervousness that I’ve felt for years. Receiving treatment has also been a great help in moving me through the symptoms of Lyme Disease. And as a bonus reward, I was just measured as being 1/2 inch taller than I’ve ever been!

I also very much appreciate the friendly staff and the focus on community. It really is an important part of the process, and Dr. Katie does a great job of bringing people together.The two words that come to mind as the result of Dr. Katie’s care are support and connection. I’ve experienced those qualities in ways that go far beyond the physical care of my spine!

Tammy L., Chicago

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