I had been experiencing back discomfort with radicular symptoms into my legs for several months. I’d been to physical therapy and had continued to do my home exercise program. Though my symptoms had indeed improved, I still had some residual ones. I came to a point where I wanted to try an alternative approach in the hopes of mixing things up and ideally hitting the ‘reset’ button on my body. A friend of mine had been to Dr. Katie and spoke very highly of the treatment she had received from her, so I decided to give New Day Network Wellness Center a try. Even after just a few sessions, I felt a reduction in my symptoms allowing me to comfortably return to my ‘normal’ activities (ex: long distance travel, golf, running). Dr. Katie is professional and gentle in her approach. She helped get my body back in sync and also gave me an increased awareness of my body/posture. I would highly recommend Dr. Katie to others.

Brittany M, Chicago IL

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