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Are they curious? Desperate? Lucky?

Are they curious? Desperate? Lucky?

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Or some combination of all 3??

Happy holidays, New Day!

By the way, you can probably tell based on our new photography (above) how much we like cold wintry weather (not very much at all!).

I was thinking recently about how for most of our practice members, as well as for myself, we stumbled upon Network Spinal and New Day seemingly by accident.  Through either curiosity, desperation, luck, or some combination of these, we found our way to this care.

For me, it was definitely all 3!

It’s amazing to me when I really stop to consider all the things that had to happen previously in my life for me to have stumbled upon this care.  It’s even amazes me to stop and consider all the things that had to happen to lead to my sitting here, writing to you right now!  I never could have predicted it all.

And as awesome it is to consider the magical chain of events that lead us to discover chiropractic, Network Spinal, and New Day, it can be even more awesome to consider how YOU can actually play a pivotal role in someone else’s magical chain of events!

Slightly off topic, BUT I needed some sort of holiday themed image– and isn’t Scrooged the best holiday movie?? 😉

There is a Chinese saying that goes: “If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.”

I’m sure you have all sorts of ways of helping people– lending a hand to a friend, donating your time and money, etc.  But what about recommending something to them that could change their life?

This holiday season, as we begin our Holiday Gift Program, I want to encourage you to pause and consider someone, it might be someone you know very well, or it might be someone you’ve only met once or twice.  What if Network Spinal could make all the difference for them, in ways you or they couldn’t even predict!

Every year, as a holiday gift, we give you the opportunity to give an initial visit of care to someone in your life who could benefit from being part of this community– at no cost to you or them.

Worst case scenario, the person isn’t interested and thanks you anyway.

Best case scenario, you get to be a hero in someone’s life!

How it works

Simply bring in the names and mailing addresses of those you would like to give a gift to, and we will send them a holiday card with a gift certificate for their initial visit and follow up report ($150 value) and a letter that explains how to schedule their appointment.  You can sign the card and write a little note if you like, so that your friend will know it’s from you and will feel excited to call us!

Do you know someone who’s been wanting to try this?

Maybe you have a friend or colleague who’s curious; they’ve seen the changes in you since you started care and they wonder what it’s all about.  Or maybe you’ve recently met someone who’s desperate for a change.  This is the perfect opportunity for them!

Just their luck!

You might even consider gifting an initial visit and follow up report to someone who you’re not too sure would want or need care.  This is the time of year when myself, Amber, Diana, Diane and I are ready and willing to give as much of ourselves as possible as a gift to our practice members and the families and communities they are part of.  We are happy for the opportunity to spread the word about the life-changing benefits of chiropractic to as many people as possible!

And to make it even easier

We know that remembering to bring names and addresses to your appointment could be challenging! If you think of someone, and would like us to address your gifts and sign your cards for you, we can do that too! Just email or call us to reserve your holiday gifts for your recipients (CLICK HERE!)

The Holiday Gift is available for a limited time, and in limited quantity, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Don’t forget to email or text your contacts to get their mailing addresses today!


Introducing you to our Practice Member of the Month for November 2018!

We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!


We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!

Ali C. has been in care with Dr. Katie since August 2018



Why I came to New Day:  

I have been on a healing journey for quite some time now. I have had physical and emotional “issues” that I have been working on. I had severe pain in my left shoulder blade, that distracted me from life at times.  I have also felt difficulty with feeling content. I set big goals and achieve them. In the past I was so focused on reaching my goals and setting new ones that I never slowed down to just enjoy. I wanted to, but literally felt that I could not do it.  This affected relationships as well. Spending time just enjoying my children was very difficult. Outside of planned activities I really didn’t know what to do with myself.

I learned about Network Care at a Tony Robbins event, and I was very interested.  At a different event I met Dr. Katie via that event’s Facebook group. I was immediately excited to visit her and begin care.



My chiropractic results:

My shoulder pain was relieved almost immediately. I was surprised with the emotional aspect. I have felt significant releases during several of my treatments.  I noticed one day that after my treatment I was able to appreciate all that my mother does for me. In the past it was hard to separate emotional traumas from the past from her current behaviors.  I just felt a feeling of peace and appreciation.

As a whole I feel better able to manage my emotions. I have no desire to hide them or discount them…but they do not control my life. When I start to spin out of control I notice. I can take a deep breath (didn’t realize I never did that before!) and put things in perspective. All of my feelings are easier to understand and appreciate.


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie:

I feel better every time!  A new standard of how I always want to feel is set at nearly every treatment.  


Why it was important to me that my spouse experienced this care alongside me, and how that impacts my daily life:

I encouraged my husband, Marc, to start care with Dr. Katie for his high blood pressure.  He has tried everything from medication to acupuncture; and his care has significantly lowered his blood pressure.  He has more room for improvement and is excited about continuing care.

My relationship with my husband and my kids has improved because I am able to relax.  I enjoy spending time with them – just being present. This is a huge accomplishment for me.  The care has also helped with our business because I am having an easier time focusing. I was going through a period where I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  Now I feel very committed to and excited about the growth of our business.

My care has exceeded my expectations already.  I am very excited to continue care and enjoy the new standard that is set.


-Ali C., Valparaiso, IN



How has this helped me personally? My testimonial

How has BEMER helped me personally?

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Check out my testimonial!

Great morning, New Day!

As you’ve been hearing and reading over the past few weeks, we are introducing a new addition to New Day, something with an amazing capacity to assist you in your health, energy, and aliveness.  Starting at the end of this week, you will be able to try BEMER for yourself.

What I have not shared specifically, up until now, is my own personal testimonial for this medical device that increases the blood circulation through the blood vessels by up to 30 percent.

Do you remember this past summer when I went to the Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” event (with several others in the New Day community including our own Diana Z!)? You may also remember, or maybe not because I wasn’t telling everyone, that I burned my foot doing the fire walk on the first night of the event.

A week later, the blister broke and I was in a world of pain and problems for the next 2 months.  The burn was right on the arch of my foot, making it difficult to heal due to my standing all day for work as a chiropractor.  During about a month of this, I was unable to work out almost at all, and when I did begin working out again I experienced new problems due to the compensations I was making in my gait.

Foot problems, in general, were not new to me.  In fact, leg and feet aching and tiredness have been an on and off part of my experience over the years, much more so now that my job as a chiropractor has me standing and leaning over people all day.  These ongoing problems, especially combined with my limited access to Network Spinal care on a consistent basis, helped create bunions on my feet about 9 months ago.  By the time I was dealing with this burn, it felt like I was in a downward spiral of bad foot and leg karma!

Of the approaches to healing I used during those months (Network Spinal, Biofield Tuning, western medicine and antibiotics, Aline insoles, hypnotherapy, massage, acupuncture, myofacial release, and reflexology), all of which had a part to play in my healing, I’m sure, I am certain that BEMER contributed the most to turning the tide on my injury healing.  And that was after using it just once, y’all!

After that initial use, I was able to feel the effects for the rest of the night, with my legs feeling lighter and more energized.  But by the end of the day, I was back to experiencing pain, which was at this point in both my heels and achilles tendons.

Despite this feeling that had me thinking “well, I guess the effects wore off already,” I woke up the next morning and was amazed to find that my legs and feet felt calm, less inflamed, and more nourished and rested.  I knew then and there that I would need to find out more about this machine, and hopefully buy one for the practice!

Now that I have had the BEMER for about 3 weeks and I’ve been using it regularly, I can tell you that my legs and feet have continued to feel rested, ease-ful, and energized.  In addition, my sleep has been even better than it was previously, where I am able to sleep later more often and start my day feeling more rested.

There’s no doubt in my mind that use of BEMER, whether it’s once, once a week, or as frequently as I am currently using it, can add serious value to your health and life, and is the perfect adjunct to Network Spinal at New Day.

If you wish to learn more about BEMER and try it for free, please come to our informational event this Wednesday night, November 7th, at 6PM at New Day in Chicago. When you come in for your adjustments this week you will also learn about how you can pay for a single or multiple BEMER sessions.

BEMER FAQs– your questions answered!

BEMER FAQs– your questions, answered!


Me, demonstrating a BEMER session at it’s new home in the New Day adjusting room



What is BEMER?


BEMER is a medical device. It’s a mat that you lay on that plugs into a machine. It improves the blood circulation in your body


How does Bemer work?


BEMER works by something called PEMF— it is a pulsed electromagnetic frequency.  The device produces a microcurrent that is experienced by laying on the B-Mat device, and/or using the B-Pad wrap.)


What does Bemer do?


Bemer improves the blood circulation in the body— in particular the capillaries and microvasculature, which are the tiniest blood vessels throughout your body, legs, and feet and make up 75 percent of your body’s circulatory system.  


How would it help me?


Since BEMER improves the blood circulation, and our bodies use blood to bring oxygen to the organs and tissues of the body and remove wastes from the organs and tissues of the body, this supports your overall energy, aliveness, and ability to heal in your body. That flow of the tiny capillaries that make of ¾ of your body’s circulatory system are at play in every second of every day.  In particular, BEMER may be a great support for injury healing, athletic performance, extra support during times of stress, history and/or family history of circulatory problems, and just the ability to relax and be energized.


Why have I never heard of this?


Even though BEMER has been around for many years, it was created in Europe and has only been marketed in the US very recently. It is being sold through independent distributors.


How can I try it?


We want to make it easy for everyone who wants to to be able to try BEMER and use it as an adjunct to their care as wanted. The pricing will support practice members being able to buy single bemer sessions, or packages of sessions if it’s something they wish to pursue.


The informational event on Wednesday, 11/7  at New Day at 4308 N Lincoln Avenue in Chicago is the best way to learn about this and try it for free. But if you aren’t able to attend, you can just buy a session and check it out. We will have a special low pricing for the first month to make it easy.


Will I feel anything?


You probably won’t feel anything during your session. The pulsation created by the PEMF is an extremely low frequency. However, some people who use BEMER experience slight body sensations such as warming of the legs, hands and feet. This makes sense since Bemer can improve anyone’s microcirculation by up to 30%!


How often should I use BEMER?


BEMER may be used for up to two 8 minute sessions per day. However, it is not realistic for someone who does not own their own device to use the machine this often.


Remembering that Bemer is an adjunct to your chiropractic care is important! For more of us, using BEMER 2-3 days weekly would help make a significant improvement in our blow flood and circulation in 3 months time.  Even once per week after your adjustment, or even less frequently as a one-off when extra support is needed may be beneficial. As is true of most modalities, treatments, and healthy habits that support wellness and our bodies’ ability to self heal, greatest results are experienced when used on a regular basis over time.  


Why is it called BEMER?


BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation


Are there side effects?


This is an FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device, which means it produces no harmful side effects. The most common side effect of PEMF therapy devices is nausea or dizziness.


Many PEMF companies advise to use caution when using PEMF therapy if you have a pre-existing heart condition. Expecting mothers and children should also not use PEMF therapy.


What is the research on BEMER?


BEMER’s effectiveness on helping patients with fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, osteo arthritis, sleep, quality of life, and more, have been researched.  See Pub Med for abstracts. This link will take you to a search of “BEMER therapy” but there may be articles to find through other search terms:,26078768,24021601,23940071,20865985,19422286?report=docsum

Introducing our Practice Member of the Month for October 2018!

We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!


We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!

Brigitte C. has been in care with Dr. Katie since April 2018



Why I came to New Day:  

My friend Sonja told me about New Day over a year ago – but back then I was not ready to try something “extraordinary.” She told me about her experience at New Day describing it as “group healing” with “lots of emotions and tears,” and that was nothing I could envision for myself. Being emotional around others/strangers is tough for me. However, earlier this year, Sonja visited us and again mentioned Dr. Katie to me and how Network Care (NSA) had worked wonders for her.

At that point, my anxiety was at an all-time high and my overall well-being was at a low point. I was having vertigo that affected my daily life and I constantly felt like something bad was about to happen. I was in fight or flight 24 hours a day, seven days a week! It was at that time that I decided I was ready to do whatever it took to make myself better again – even if it meant crying in public and totally losing it.


My chiropractic results:

I feel like not only can I breathe easy again, I feel way taller, more straight in my posture, and less “burdened.”  My fear of disaster is more under control – and I feel like I enjoy life more!


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie:

I want to continue my journey with Dr. Katie as long as I can as I feel there is still more potential for growth, both physically and emotionally.

When I think about how Network Care has added value in my life, or in my business I realize that I have learned a lot about myself and where I am standing in my own way. I also understand now how accepting things, and inviting them in to be can be liberating. I work on letting go more often, and am not always trying to keep everything together. “It is what it is” – that’s my new mantra.

– Brigitte C., Chicago, IL




Despite my resistance, THIS won me over

Despite my resistance, THIS won me over!


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BEMER has arrived

Good morning, bright ones!

As most of you know, I became a chiropractor through my experiences as a chiropractic patient.  Those experiences include the ones that inspired me, through Network Spinal and how the care impacted me in my life, as well as those experiences that DIDN’T inspire me to greater health, energy, and aliveness.

And because it was the experience of Network Spinal (or rather, myself through that form of care), that is what I chose to emphasize in my practice.

I have even had the experience over the past 5 years of meeting someone through business networking, telling them I’m a chiropractor, and having them ask me, “What else do you do in your office?”  As in, what other therapies and modalities do I employ.  To this I often respond (only half jokingly), “just the chiropractic.  What else is there?” And then we laugh, because it’s kind of a crazy thing to say, but I’m clearly trying to convey that I see what I do, getting the brain and body into communication through chiropractic, as my primary purpose.

Even back when I was a chiropractic patient and not yet a doctor, I felt confused and even turned off by all the contraptions and modalities laying about some of the chiropractic offices I had seen.  It was as though the chiropractors didn’t trust their work.  Or just didn’t trust the public to understand their work. Much easier to begin and end the chiropractic adjustments with various hot packs, E-stim, and the like just to MAKE SURE the person knows this is a legitimate business!

Oh yeah, and then the doctor can bill the insurance company for slapping a hot pack on you and having their assistant hook contraptions up to you, in order to help make up the difference of what the insurance companies won’t pay for the adjustments.

Suffice it to say it was important to me not to water down chiropractic at New Day in this way.


And that’s not to say there aren’t other great healing modalities out there!  But, while I may love massage, it’s not something I need to offer personally.  I also happen to love juicing and am a big believer of the health benefits of juicing, but that doesn’t mean I need to offer juice to our practice members.  There is no replacement for the work I can do (or rather, help your body to do) through care for your spine.  You get the point.

All that said, I FOUND SOMETHING AMAZING, and I want to share it with you, my practice members, because this could be a huge help to you in your health.

BEMER is a mat, attached to a machine.  You lay on the mat for a short 8 minute session, while the machine and the way it is hooked up to the mat and another pad attachment emits a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) that stimulates the circulation in the capillaries and tiny blood vessels in your body.

I tried BEMER a couple of months ago and was impressed with the results right away.  I’ll be sharing more of the specifics of this with you in the coming weeks, but for me I have had improved feeling of energy and relaxation, especially in my legs and feet, improved wound healing, and even better sleep.

It is so helpful in a way that is so supportive of what you are already doing for your health through chiropractic, that I will make this available to our practice members, beginning the second week of November, after we host an informational event on the device.


If you are interested in learning more, and trying BEMER yourself for free, coming to the November 7th event at New Day at 4308 N Lincoln Avenue in Chicago is definitely the way to go.

If you are unable to come to the event but still potentially interested in how this could benefit you, don’t worry.  We will have some information for you and opportunities to purchase a single session coming up as well.

How should you get ready for your adjustments?

How do you prepare for care?

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What should we be focusing on before, during, and after our adjustments?


Fantastic morning to you, New Day!  I hope you are having a great week so far.

Thanks, as usual, to my lovely practice members and their comments and questions, I have recently begun to more deeply consider what a person “should” be doing before, during, and after their adjustments.

Now I know some of you might be reading this and are already becoming panicked (especially the “upholders” and the “obligers”– and if you don’t know what I mean by that CLICK HERE!).  Breathe!  This discussion is NOT going to leave you with that dreaded “I’ve been doing it wrong!” feeling.  This is actually a very energy rich topic that can be considered from multiple perspectives (far beyond what will be possible in this blog).

Your care is a participatory process.  As in, I cannot do it for you.  Even though it might seem, especially at first, that I am fixing you or otherwise waving a magic wand over you during your adjustments, this is actually NOT the case.

It is through the process of receiving Network Spinal chiropractic care, on a regular basis over time, and through gaining knowledge and perspective at our workshops and community events (and through these blogs!), that it hopefully begins to dawn on us that your spine and nervous systems are actually doing the work!  Care doesn’t happen TO US so much as BY US, THROUGH US, and AS US.  The more awareness we have around that, physically, in life, and otherwise, the bigger the impact the care care have.

At our first “Bright Souls Gathering”– our regularly held gathering for the creatives, leaders, and influencers who contribute the most energy and aliveness to the New Day community– one of our practice members asked, “Can we have a workshop that’s about how we can prepare for our adjustments every week?  So that we can get the most out of it?”

Another practice member, upon hearing this, expressed some confusion and alarm.  “We’re supposed to prepare for our adjustments?!  Isn’t it better just to lay down, relax, and be open?!  That’s what I do!”

And hence, the idea for the December Bright Souls Gathering was born 🙂

(For more shots of the office and neighborhood, follow us on IG @newdaynsa ;))

Since that day, I have been paying special attention to the ways this topic has surfaced in the practice.  For example, I use a special process to help prepare you for your first and second adjustments.  Nobody taught me this; I made this up along the way as I got more experience in practice and began to see this as a way to optimize results and leverage us for success. You might remember it:

“Take these first few moments, laying on the table, to bring your awareness through your whole body. Feeling your feet.  Your legs.  Your hips and lower back.  Your spine– from your tailbone, up to the back of your head.  Arms and shoulders.  Head and face. Feeling your breath.  Feeling areas of tension, and feeling everywhere else.  Just getting a good sense of everything and what it feels like, so that you can compare at the end and know what feels different to you.  I have the things I’m checking for, that tell me the adjustments are working, but I want you to have things to be checking for as well.”

“The things you want to feel for the most are feeling more and more relaxed, like your body is getting heavier or like your spine is getting longer.  Feeling areas of tension release or move.  Feeling your breath get deeper.  This is key.  If you feel your breath get deeper without you doing anything to force this to happen, you can know FOR SURE that this is working, we are hitting the nail on the head, your nervous system is reprogramming, and you will leave here better than you came in.  Last but not least, if you feel like you need to move, stretch, or reposition how you are laying on the table, make sure to do that, since it will help the process along.”

Now, the idea is that this way of preparing would become a normal process for you, and that I would not need to say it out loud every day.

But we all need reminders sometimes!  I noticed recently, as I said all of this out loud at the beginning of someone’s second adjustment, the other more experienced practice members in the room were visibly breathing and following along with my instructions (hashtag the benefits of the group adjusting environment!).


In addition, as we move through and integrate the seasons of Discover, Transform, and Awaken through the months and years in care, there might be other ways to prepare ourselves and get focused before, during, and after adjustments.  The more I have thought about this, the more ideas I have!

I can’t wait to hear from you and share with you about this at our upcoming Bright Souls Gathering!  Our next gathering will take place on Thursday, December 7th at New Day, from 7-8:30pm. Snacks and refreshments will be served.

We have some time to percolate on this topic before the gathering.  So in the meantime, I’d love to hear from you.  Do you remember, from when you were brand new in care, that process I shared above?  Do you remember to us it?  If so, how often?  If not, what other ways, if any, do you get present to your spine, nervous system state, and body before, during, and after your adjustments.  Please comment below!




Health care vs self care

Health care vs self care

chicago chiropractic office header

If all we needed was a chocolate bar and a bath. . .


You guys!  And I know that you are not all men, but I like saying “you guys!” sometimes 🙂

I have wanted to write this blog for SUCH a long time.  It’s been on my mind.

And then, last night, something happened to remind me to do this.

I was chatting with some new acquaintances at an event here in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, and we began discussing our mutual love of cute animal videos.  Specifically, if you’re interested, we discussed cross-species friendship videos (we post a lot of these on our New Day Facebook btw).

One of the women said, half joking, “Watching those videos is my self-care!  I just need to watch them every day, and then I’m good!”

We all had a laugh, of course, because we all agree that it is hilarious that these videos seem to have such a big positive impact on us.

But my brain also went straight to this blog on this whole “self care” phenomenon.

If you’re feeling concerned that there’s a rant coming on, you may be right.  BUT bear with me, I think this is important and that you will be glad you read this.

OK here goes.  It’s a testament to the overall cultural awareness that constant smart phone usage, and the around-the-clock expectations that seem to go with that, is so detrimental to our health that “self care” has now entered the popular vernacular.

Things that used to be normal, like eating chocolate, taking a bath, or reading an article have now been elevated to the status of “self care.”  And then there are also things that are rather weird, like adult coloring books and ASMR (click here if you don’t know what that is) that are now considered a helpful antidote to the excesses of stress-based overstimulation.

Believe me, I’m happy that we are recognizing how serious the threats to our health and wellbeing are at this stage of civilization.  I’m also happy that we are being more mindful of how to use what little free time we have, choosing activities that are restorative for our bodies and brains.

Even the ability to pause and be mindful/bodyful enough to engage in “self care” is a function of your neurological baseline.  Most of us notice that we find it more and more difficult to do the things we know help us the more entrenched we become in the stress-based functioning.  And we may also notice that there can be a diminishing rate of return.  Now we turn to baths and chocolate in a desperate attempt to slow down the negative effects of everything else.  We are more likely to have an energy-poor relationship of this type with self care if we’re not getting the health care we need for our spine and nervous system on a consistent basis.

Getting the health care that allows your brain and body to communicate is necessary so that you can be properly energized to the point that self care can happen more easily, and in a way that is more connected and more energy rich.

I will add that it is possible to use ANY form of health or self care in a way that is energy poor, including Network Spinal.  But even that ability to see ourselves– when we may be desperately consuming the care as an outside-in experience to help us “survive,” fix us, or make us feel something (or not have to feel something else), is evidence that our brains and bodies are working differently and better– we know that something else is possible.

The last point I will make about health care versus self care is that self care doesn’t include much if any vulnerability.  We control it all, and no one SEES us. Therefore, the capacity for true healing, of going from energy poor-neutral “me” to a more energy rich “we” isn’t necessarily there.

When I watch a cat video on youtube, it may provide a helpful change of focus in the moment.  But it doesn’t SEE me.  And it certainly isn’t able to adjust my spine so that my brain and body work better.  And it doesn’t allow me to experience myself as anything beyond a consumer; I don’t get to be a contribution to anyone.  In case you’re wondering, I don’t get to be my own chiropractor.  That doesn’t work for these reasons!

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your comments below.  Don’t forget your self care this week– but DEFINITELY don’t forget your health care.  Pat yourself on the back for the great choice you are making in choosing a healthy spine and nervous system.

Introducing Practice Member of the Month for September 2018!

We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!


We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!








Rowan E. has been in care with Dr. Katie since June 2018



Why I came to New Day – written by my mom, Lisa:  

Rowan came to New Day because I was under care the whole time I was pregnant with him.  I know that this care helped contribute to my having a healthy delivery, and helped so that he didn’t have a lot of trauma from or around his birth experience. I remember when I first was pregnant that my friends complained about back pain and sleeplessness, things like that, and this care really helped to alleviate a lot of those symptoms I was expecting to experience. Plus it was really cool to feel him inside of me, as he reacted and moved around during my own sessions with Dr. Katie.

I always love the phrasing “a healthy spine = a happy and healthy life,” why wouldn’t I want to start him out with exactly that! Birth can be traumatic for him, as well as me, even with a “relatively uneventful” labor and delivery. Just think about how much efforting it takes to come into this world, right? Setting him up for a healthy nervous system outside of the womb was really important to me.  I knew how much the care was helping me during my pregnancy and even before that, and I knew the benefits of care for him were something that I wanted to ensure that he had from day 1!



My chiropractic results – written by my mom, Lisa:

Rowan has had some really great milestones in care since he was born in June. He always sleeps very well after his adjustment with Dr. Katie and in fact has been sleeping through the night since month 1. There was a time early on after his birth that he would only turn his head and neck to one direction – and now he has started to move his neck both directions with more ease. I don’t see him holding his head that way anymore – and that change was sustained after only a few light adjustments by Dr. Katie.

His spine is more aligned, and his neck has very strong control of movement now. I especially notice his neck strength and movement  when I see him and compare his movements to other babies.I also noticed that when I nurse him, his latch and suck is stronger – which could be part of the care, but could also be improving as he gets older.

During his sessions he lights up with the biggest smiles when he gets adjusted, like each time she connects with his spine, a lightbulb turns on in his nervous system – and that brings a lot of joy to the office and staff, too. Which I love!!


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie – written by my mom, Lisa:

Same reasons why I started. If I am doing this for my life, why wouldn’t I give him the best tools for his life possible? I want to contribute in every way that I can to ensure he has a healthy, happy life!


Why did you choose to have your infant son receive Network Care at New Day?

I think the easiest way to express why I choose chiropractic care for him would be explaining that when your baby is hungry, or not happy, or colicy for example – that YOU WILL DO ANYTHING to try and make that thing that isn’t working well, better for them. You will buy try every technique, buy everything toy, and try every possible solution to make them more comfortable. I think of chiropractic for him as a sort of insurance that his body can function to it’s best ability.

Instead of being REACTIVE, I am being proactive for his overall wellness. For instance, I don’t want him to have to take medications for things that could be resolved by chiropractic care or more holistic forms of treatments – so if this can align him and help him have better immunity and a healthier system overall – I will absolutely do this for him.

I remember when I started care years ago someone described to me a visual of our soul and spine being bright and pure when we are born. As we get older it is exposed to environmental, emotional and physical trauma that light dims. I believe that this care removes those layers and helps your light become bright again! This also allows us to be better people to the people and world around us. So if I can do something to keep him “shining bright” I will!

– Rowan E., Chicago, IL




It’s so hard to say goodbye! A fond farewell to some of New Day’s brightest lights 

It’s so hard to say goodbye!

chicago chiropractic office header
A fond farewell to some of New Day’s brightest lights 


Good morning, New Day!

It’s something I never really thought about when I first opened New Day.  Call me naive.

But somehow I just thought that once I started taking care of someone, and Network Spinal became an important part of how they take care of their health, energy, and aliveness, that we’d just be in each other’s lives forever.  Yes, changing and growing together.  But more or less “happily ever after.”

If you remember several months ago when we were installing our special wall in the adjusting room to honor the practice members who have been in care at New Day for 3 years or more, the question arose: “Why aren’t there more practice members who’ve been here for that long?”

There’s one very real reason– people move away!

And even though it can be bittersweet for us, this is actually a very happy and inspiring thing.  That through the care and the way our practice members are choosing to live that they can so often make the choice that they need to make so that their lives can be even better.

Starting this spring and through until now, we have had a large number of our brightest leave for greener pastures. Here, we say a special goodbye and bless you in your future life!

(In no particular order) goodbye Midge W, Jenna and Violet G and family, David W, Jen H, Karl B, Mark C, Katie C, Stacy and Lisa P, Meredith G, Susanne S, and Joe P.

Sending blessings to you in the next chapter of your life, and hoping that you keep in touch and visit us when you’re in town.

We hope that you continue your care, and light up those practices and communities that you will be a part of.

Shine on <3