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One thing the fire department WON’T help you with

One thing the fire department WON’T help you with

(There are actually a lot of things they won’t help with)


Good morning, New Day lovelies!  Today I want to discuss something very important with you that has come up in numerous conversations I have had with you, our community members.  Have you ever been in a car accident of any type?  Many, if not most of you, have.  And if you haven’t, surely you know someone who has.

Despite the fact that there was an accident, many folks are out there walking around with the impression that this trauma had little or no impact on their spine and nervous system.  Maybe because they “walked away without a scratch,” or maybe because they didn’t have pain immediately after the accident, or maybe because the pain or problem they are having now doesn’t seem linked to this event in any obvious way, they think there isn’t an issue.

Worst and most misleading of all is when people tell me that they were checked out by EMTs, emergency room staff, or medical doctors after their collision and told that they were “fine” and that therefore there is no injury or issue.  You trust them, and why wouldn’t you?  They’re doctors.  They would tell you if there’s a problem. Besides, it’s a huge relief that there’s nothing wrong right?  WRONG.

I know sometimes the tone of my blogs is very light and fun, but this time I am laying something very important and serious on you.  There is virtually no way any type of motor vehicle accident or collision, no matter how big or small, did not cause a tremendous amount of stress on your brain, nervous system, and body.  And if you aren’t getting your spine checked by a chiropractor on a regular basis to ensure proper functioning, that stress may still be affecting you in ways that might surprise you.

So why would a doctor tell you that you’re fine?  And what does this have to do with the Fire Department?  Let me tell you.

The medical profession is primarily focused on big, blazing fires.  Like the fire department, they find fires that threaten to immediately destroy the structure, and put those fires out as fast as possible.  The “fires” they are looking for on an xray or other imaging after you’ve been in a car accident include fractures, dislocations, contusions, and the like.  If there’s no big fire to put out, it’s a relief for everyone involved, and that’s great.  Surgeries and medications are the firehoses of the medical profession.  If you don’t need one of these, they’ll send you on your way.  If you don’t need one of these and you keep complaining anyway, you’ll be sent to a PT.

The problem is that there are many warning signs that wouldn’t register as a large or even a medium sized fire.  The medical profession, great as they are at putting out fires, did not spend years training how to recognize misalignments in the spine that keep the brain and body from being in proper communication and cause stress on the nervous system.  Furthermore, difficulty sleeping, feeling of heaviness, low energy, anxiety, difficulty focusing, dizziness or vertigo, jaw clenching, body aches, and chronic tension could all be signs of nervous system dysfunction following a stressful event.

Unless you’ve got a fire, and likely a sizable one, calling the fire department won’t help you.  If you had cracks in the foundation of your home, you wouldn’t call the fire department.  You could, but they wouldn’t help you.  And you wouldn’t want to wait too long to address a structural problem, because eventually it may turn into a “fire,” so to speak.

Instead, make sure you are making proper use of the carpenters, contractors, plumbers, and other home services professionals in your life– the chiropractors!– to address the issues before they become even more serious.  We are here to build you up and make sure things are working their best!

Have you been in a car accident in the past and thought the impact was negligible, either because you didn’t notice pain right away or because medical doctors said you were fine?  Or has this happened to someone you know?  Please, let them know that they should be checked out be a chiropractor.



What’s up with the music at New Day?

What’s up with the music at New Day?

If you’ve ever wondered. . .yes
There is some method to the madness!


Great morning to you, New Day community!

In the spirit of using blogs as an opportunity to answer frequently asked questions about Network Care, chiropractic, and the office, I thought it would be fun to share with you about the music you listen to when you’re at the office getting adjusted.

You may have noticed, at this point, that it can be pretty eclectic!

Eclectic, but not random.  This isn’t like the music that just happens to come through the speakers in between segments on NPR.

The music in the adjusting room is more than just “background music.” The music is key for helping set an energetic and emotional tone for healing during your adjustments.  I choose the music for the morning or afternoon based on several factors.

Yes, my mood and how I feel are one of those factors.  If the music isn’t helping stimulate the focus and energy I need to do my best work with you that day, it isn’t going to serve the higher good.

“But this is MY adjustment?  Shouldn’t the music primarily be about me, the customer, and my comfort?” a reasonable practice member might ask.  My answer is, “Yes.  And no.  And yes.” (But more on that in a minute).

I want to come back to my point about setting an energetic and emotional tone for healing.  One of the most irksome misperceptions about healing and healing environments, I think, is that they must be quiet, soft, lavender-scented places with new age music playing in the background.  Places where serious conversations take place in half-whispered voices.  Not only do I disagree that this is necessary for your healing, but in some cases these ideas and ways of approaching healing actually keep you from getting better.

If healing must happen in an environment that is most likely the opposite of everything you encounter in life outside of a healing environment in the city of Chicago, that means the best we can hope for with your healing is that it relaxes you a bit, calms you, and undoes a little bit of the damage done by the rest of your life.  Basically, it’s a glorified hand lotion.

Don’t forget this: Healing is, above all, an EXPERIENCING.

And yes, lavender scented spaces and spiritual music are one experience we might like to have.  But there are many other experiences to have and have fully.  And they can all be healing.  And the intention is, that the more I can help re-program your nervous system out of stress-based, fight or flight patterning, into ease, into energy and transformation, and/or into an experience of the reality of the interconnectedness of all there is, the more you will experience all manner of experiences as healing, whether or not they are relaxing or the experiences you would have chosen.

Which brings me back to that first question.  Should the music be what you want (and not necessarily what I choose)?  Maybe.  But, probably not.  Here’s why.

The you who is wanting the music changed because it is too annoying or abrasive is not the real you.  It’s who we are when we are in the stress-based program, but not who we really are.  The gift in my not changing the music is that you get to experience your relationship with the music change, minute by minute, as YOU change in your internal functioning.  It’s really, really cool!

But it really doesn’t happen very often that I get negative feedback about the music (you’re all such well-tuned healing machines:))

THIS does not fit the stereotype of “healing music.” But it is healing! 🙂


The other factors that may play a role in the music I choose for the adjusting room may include (but are not limited to) how busy the office will be, the day of the week, the political/cultural context that day, which practice members are scheduled (yes, i know you.  And one of the gifts of knowing you over time is knowing sometimes what music will help bring you and everyone in the room to your next brightest possibility), healing events I have attended recently where I have experienced powerful music (sometimes it’s important to use the same music over and over again as an anchor for the subconscious mind), and the weather.  Yes, the weather.

We primarily listen to Pandora Radio and have 2 stations that we listen to the most (Deva Premal, The Album Leaf), and a larger number that we listen to less often (Steven Halpern, Ratatat, John Denver, Neutron Dance, Hall & Oates, and Today’s Hit Music).  If you use Pandora and would like to listen to the music you enjoy at New Day at home, there is a way to do that.  Simply ask Amber or the front desk staff  to have us “share” the Pandora station we listened to during your adjustment with you (can be done over email).

There is one other CD that has become a part of the regular rotation for many months now, and many of you have ask about it.  Check out Christy Snow “I Sing My Love.”

Hopefully this blog has been as fun to read as it was to write!  I’d love to hear from you.  Can you think of a time (or times) when the music at New Day has helped you have a deeper experience in the office or in your life after an adjustment?  What’s been your favorite to hear lately?  Or has there been a time when the music surprised you most? Please comment below!



Introducing our Practice Member of the Month for January 2018!

Congratulations to Diana Z. our Practice Member of the Month for January 2018.

Diana, we are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make, and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!

We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!

Diana Z. has been in care with Dr. Katie since September 2017.


Why I came to New Day:  

I met Dr. Katie in a personal development seminar this past summer. It was in her posture and calming influence that had me curious about the unique form of wellness care that she practiced.


My chiropractic results:

My most favorite result from this care is having my body back! My awareness of my spinal tension and breath has allowed me to release a part of myself that has been in a tense, protective state for so long.

From injury and stress I continually experienced muscle spasms in my back and extremely low circulation throughout. Massaging and adjusting gave me a temporary relief but I never felt in control of any of it. I feel like now I hold the remote!

Now that I have a real awareness of my breathe, using the techniques I’ve learned here have allowed me to manage an episode of anxiety with power. I carry myself in a completely new way that encourages and influences confidence. My re-connection to my sensuality and love for life has given me so much gratitude for everything I come in contact with. Amen!


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie:

I continue this care to practice growth.

Recently I began working with Dr. Katie by assisting with the intake assessments for new patients during the holiday gift program. This new opportunity leaves me so eager contribute and connect to people.

In learning to harness my nature to give, I feel as though I am assisting in opening the doorway to an adventure in discovering oneself. Getting present to the experiences these new patients have had inspires me to offer myself as a conduit between where they are now and them seeing what is possible for their lives. I have experienced that this work is more than just the body – it impacts your entire life.

It is such a privilege to be apart of the care on this level. I can’t wait to see what I discover in this brand new year! I am so thankful to Dr. Katie and the New Day Community!



  • Diana Z., Palos Park, IL



From me, to we, to me. . .

From me, to we, to me. . .


chicago chiropractic office header



Good morning and happy New Year, New Day!  Let’s have this be our best year yet!

New year.  New day.  New you.  New me.

As you have probably gathered by this point in knowing me and my office, I love “new”!

5 years ago when I was busily preparing to open my practice, it was all about the “new.”  Everything, from the business license I needed to obtain, to the website, to the paint on the walls, to the water dispenser was new, new, new.  I loved being lost in the momentum of things, my brain humming constantly about everything I could and should be doing to get ready to open my doors that April of 2013.

Over the next 5 years, I mostly poured all of myself into my practice, because that’s what you do when you have a new business.  Like a newborn baby, New Day took all the energy and focus.  And that’s what was appropriate.  You don’t expect your newborn baby to make it’s own dinner after a couple of years, do you?

It could be a little confusing, I think, for me and other people, exactly where New Day begins and where I, as a person, begin and end.  On the one hand I wanted to pour all my time, energy, and focus into this growing entity.  And because that’s what I was doing, I came to be identified completely with my practice, to the point where out in the world “New Day” and “Katie Ray” felt synonymous.  On the other hand, I was very clear from the beginning that this business/practice/entity was to be a COMMUNITY.

I can’t explain how incredibly rewarding I found it, for example, to attend Amber’s wedding in October and see people Amber met through New Day at the wedding and included in the reception.  The sense of meaning and belonging that people have gotten from this community has gone beyond my highest hopes when everything was brand new.

And where am I in all of this?  New Day, the community.  New Day, the location in Chicago where you go to know yourself as lighter and brighter through Network Spinal Analysis care.  New Day, the business that has gone from infant to small child.  Me, the individual, the doctor, the woman, who created this business and community.  I am part of it, but I am also my own person.

It has been time for me to reinvest some focus in the Me that adjusts your spine every week.  Don’t worry though.  I’m not going anywhere!  You might not even notice a difference.

Where the focus goes, as they say, so the energy flows.  One small area where this shift is taking place is in the social media for New Day– in particular our Instagram.

First, let me stop and say THANK YOU so much for following us on Facebook and Instagram.  We have a wonderful community of you who are connected to us online through social media ( and @newdaynsa if you’d like to connect).

When we started doing Instagram, I completely abandoned my own (admittedly meagre) account and focused completely on growing our New Day following.  Our posts focus on our office, the neighborhood and city, and myself.

You won’t stop seeing posts that show me in my life entirely, but you will see less of me as I continue to clarify where New Day begins and I begin and end.  Our posts will be an accurate representation of the practice, the people who are part of it, and neighborhood and city.

If you’d like to see more “me” in my life, I welcome that.  I embrace the opportunity for you to know me more, as a person, not just the doctor.  You can follow me on Instagram if you like @katierayofsunlight 🙂


It’s a choice

It’s a choice


chicago chiropractic office header

Why do we limit ourselves?


Good afternoon and happy holidays, New Day!

I’m so excited to finally be sitting down to write a blog for you again! First I was busy preparing to go out of town.  Then, I was gone for a week at Tony Robbins “Date with Destiny” program.  And since then, I’ve been back in Chicago fighting my way through a TERRIBLE cold (ugh!!!).  These events have been occasion, as you can imagine, for all kinds of new awarenesses, a few of which I’ll share with you.

First, let me tell you about the event.  6 days and 6 nights of jumping up and down, yelling, cheering, dancing, and intense personal growth work.  We would go until 1 or 2 in the morning, end up going to bed at 3:30AM, and wake up in the morning and do it all again.  It was an INCREDIBLE experience on every level.  And I hope that if you ever get a chance to attend a Tony Robbins program that you will jump on it! (And if you haven’t already, check out the Netflix documenatry “I am not your Guru.”)

It’s a choice

As I’ve been sharing with some of you over the past week about this Date with Destiny experience, it’s the intensity of the schedule (ie the 12-15 hour days) that tends to get people’s attention.  A really common response among us to hearing about the schedule of the event has been, “Oh no.  I could never do that.  I need my sleep.”

I think it’s interesting how often we “healthy people” (myself included here!) limit ourselves; it’s as though if we’re not getting 8 hours of sleep every night and constantly eating kale that we just won’t be able to function.  It’s simply not true!

In the end, it’s a choice.  And we often forget that it’s a choice and we limit ourselves in very “reasonable” sounding ways.  “But I need sleep to be healthy!”  How often do we give our power away to sleep, kale, vitamins, or whatever it is instead of getting that the power lies within and acting accordingly?  Some of us are living very regimented lives in the name of “health” that leave us feeling drained and limited.  This experience of limitation stands as a stark contrast to the experience the event forced us to have, that we are limitless, powerful, and at choice.

Now of course, over the long term we need a baseline for health and sustainability.  It’s a lot easier for someone like me who’s been taking care of herself over the years with diet, exercise, and Network Spinal care to make a choice to sleep 5 hours a night for several nights in a row while during the daytime doing intense physical, emotional, and spiritual work, all the while being fueled by green tea and sandwiches from Starbucks, than it would be for someone who eats no vegetables and had never had a chiropractic adjustment in their life.

Strengthen your reserves

It is important to have healthy routines in place that build you up, so that you have reserves to draw on during challenging times– whether those times are a 6-day once-in-a-lifetime intensive, or a later protracted, 8-days-long-and-counting cold (like the one I’m suffering with right now!)

Network Spinal Analysis chiropractic is the best way I know of to build up the reserves in your body so that you can meet the challenges in your life and thrive through them.  Just think, someone who’s never had care for their spine and who has blockages between their brain and body IS limited, in every moment of every day.  It’s not just a “limiting thought” or belief.  Every movement, every action of your immune system, every thought and decision, and on and on and on, are limited when there are blockages in the spine.  The nerve supply getting through is less than it would be.  And then you wonder why you have no energy or you can’t have a creative thought!

It’s no wonder most people go through life experiencing themselves as limited, that the power of life is outside of them, and that every day of their lives they will get slightly worse until the day they die.  Sounds dramatic, but basically this is how most people, who haven’t had the chance to experience their unlimited potential, experience themselves and life.

We’re so amazingly lucky and privileged.  I’m grateful every single day that the comment of a near stranger to me 14 years ago lead me to something that fundamentally changed my experience of myself, health, and life, and that this has enabled me to bring that experience to you.  And that you now get to experience yourselves as limitless and bright.  It might not always seem like it, but the world thanks you for making the choice that your spinal health matters.

Know someone who’s ready?

Do you know someone who could use an experience of their own limitlessness?  Someone who’s had it with living small with the same symptoms or problems over and over again?  Someone who knows there must be an easier way to be healthy than a growing list of “to-do’s” and “don’ts”?  Give them a holiday gift!

Our Holiday Gift program at New Day is in full-swing.  This program allows you to gift a FREE initial visit and follow up report to the recipient of your choice at no cost to you or them!  Simply provide us with a good mailing address for your person, and we will do the rest?

Not sure if the people you have in mind are ready or would follow through?  No problem!  Did you know that by simply giving them this gift you are planting a helpful seed for someone, whether or not they follow through?  Give them the chance to consider this new possibility.  Let us know at your next visit to whom you would like to send the Holiday Gift!

Practice Member of the Month – December 2017!

Congratulations to Joan C. our Practice Member of the Month for December 2017.

Joan, we are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!


We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!

Joan C. has been in care with Dr. Katie since April 2016


Why I came to New Day:  

I first heard about Dr. Katie through a networking event at New Day. I was so impressed by her passion for her work and the impact that I saw it had on her practice members. I also loved that by donating to a good cause I had the opportunity for a free assessment!


My chiropractic results:

Since working with Dr. Katie I noticed that my posture has improved and I actually feel taller. I feel the energy more freely moving through my body which helps me feel very connected to my whole self.


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie:

My care at New Day is an important part of my self-care routine. Through the work I do I know how important self-care is and continuing at New Day is an intentional act of self love.

– Joan C., Chicago, IL




What makes “the holidays,” “the holidays”?

What makes “The Holidays” “The Holidays”?

Tips for creating the mood with Young Living essential oils


Happy December, New Day oils enthusiasts!

What makes the holidays so special?  Ask that question to 10 people and you’re likely to get 10 different answers.

But the common thread in those 10 different answers is likely to be that it’s a mood.  It’s a feeling.  A feeling of magic and “specialness.”

Essential oils are so perfect for setting a mood and creating a magical feeling of specialness!

If thinking of the holidays instantly brings to mind for you the scent of cinnamon, clove, pine, and orange, using essential oils is a the perfect way to help set the holiday mood for you and your guests!  Diffuse a little Frankincense as well to bring even more holiday magic into the mix.

But there’s also another way that essential oils can accentuate the mood of “specialness.”

Did you ever notice that some people prefer to give (and receive) holiday gifts that are useful and practical?  My mom is famous for this.  Most gifts I receive for her are based on her finding out something that might make my life as it exists better and easier in some practical way.  Recent helpful gifts from her include new kitchen dish towels and a new set of glasses from Williams Sonoma.

Sometimes giving and receiving a practical, useful gift is perfect.  It makes the person feel special because you noticed them and their unique needs.  And now you’ve just saved them money on something they would have had to buy themselves.

Sometimes, though, it’s fun to give or receive a gift that isn’t something you’d necessarily buy for yourself. Receiving, for example, a beautiful piece of art or jewelry can feel special, luxurious, and abundant.

Essential oils from Young Living make great gifts for both the practical person 
and then fancy person in your life.

 Here is a list of gift ideas for both of them!

The practical person

  • Know a health conscious person who is constantly popping gum or breath mints? Gift them a Peppermint Vitality essential oil for a healthier alternative they’ll love
  • A mom or a teacher with kids who get sick all the time?  Gift them a Thieves essential oil blend or a Eucalyptus Globulus for improved immune function and respiratory relief
  • A sales person or a realtor who spends a lot of time driving around? Gift them a Lavender essential oil with some cotton balls so that they can scent up their car while they drive (by putting scented cotton balls in the vents)
  • Your favorite massage therapist, healer, talk therapist, doctor, or body worker? Gift them a White Angelica oil blend, to help them maintain abundant energy and focus while working with clients

The fancy person

  • Your little sister who loves daydreaming and romance? Gift her Joy essential oil blend and she’ll love you forever
  • Your best friend from college who loves adventure and world travel?  Valor essential oil blend will strengthen their sense of boldness and daring, and have them truly feeling in their element
  • Your friend who just started a daily meditation practice?  They will love adding Sacred Mountain essential oil blend, or Frankincense for extra meditation magic
  • Your health coach or health minded friend who’s always up on the latest “fountain of youth” will love receiving Copaiba, a powerful antioxidant essential oil, and they’ll appreciate the purity and quality of Young Living’s version

Grab some oils for family or friends on your next visit to New Day.  We have such favorites in stock as Nutmeg Vitality, Lemon Vitality, Peppermint, Thieves, Lavender, and our oil of the month for December– Christmas Spirit!

Christmas spirit contains cinnamon, orange, and blue spruce, and is perfect for cranking up the holiday volume to 11!  AND it’s under $15.  Pick up some on your next visit to New Day!

Does everyone need chiropractic care?

Does everyone need chiropractic care?

chicago chiropractic office header

And if so, should they all be in care at New Day?


Your questions– answered!


Good afternoon, New Day!

Sometimes as chiropractors, we are seen as being overly simplistic in a world where complexity is highly valued.

On television medical dramas the doctor who can uncover the the disease diagnosis (at the last minute, of course) is the hero.  And the more obscure the disease diagnosis and the greater amount of detective work that can go into putting it all together, the better.

You never saw Dr. House check the heel tension and palpate the upper cervical spine of a patient and say, “There are indicators for adverse mechanical cord tension at C1.  Let’s adjust him so that his brain has the best opportunity possible to express health through the nerves, and THEN see if he needs surgery.”  It might make for a more exciting show if this plot twist happened once.  But if he started by checking the spinal health of every patient and adjusting them as needed before anything else happened, some might say this would make for a boring tv show.

Can it really be so simple as that everyone in the world, since they have spines and brains, need to have their spines checked and adjusted regularly for optimized function and wellbeing?

Yes.  Well, if they want to function optimally they do.  No matter what’s going on in the body or in life, would it help to have a brain and body able to communicate without extra stress on the communication and power supply that runs your body?  No matter what’s going on, is it likely to more helpful, or less helpful, to have the communication and power supply to the body not functioning at it’s best?  It’s true, it really is that simple.

If you have a brain and a spine, and you live in the 21st century United States, there is a very low chance that you won’t benefit in the short term and the long term from having your spine and nervous system cared for on a routine basis.

Should they all be in care at New Day, receiving Network Care?  Maybe, maybe not.  One of the things that struck me the most about the first practice where I was a practice member, pre chiropractic school, was that even a casual observer would notice that all walks of life were in her care.

For me, as someone new in Network Care and, despite the great results I was getting, somewhat doubtful and cynical, seeing all walks of life benefit from the care helped me fully understand that by connecting the brain and the body through the nerves and reorganizing stress-based neural responses, chiropractic helps you be your best self.  Not someone else’s idea of what your best self is or should be.  Your ability to benefit from care has nothing to do with your personality.

There is one caveat I’ll make.  Anyone who has studied marketing knows that to say that your ideal client is “anyone with a spine” is NOT an example of effective marketing.  There IS something special that identifies a New Day potential practice member or community member.

I recently had the opportunity to write a description of our ideal client for a new networking website called Alignable.  This is what I came up with:

“At New Day we help people people with stress and aches and pains live their best lives possible through this energizing chiropractic approach.  Many of our clients seek us because they are turned off by the traditional chiropractic approach, or have had a bad experience, and want to experience the benefits of having their nervous systems reprogrammed from the inside out.  We help busy young professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, influencers, and their families.  Our Lincoln Square area practice is conveniently located to people who live and/or work downtown, the north side, and neighboring suburbs.  Come experience the care that personal development guru Tony Robbins calls, ‘amongst the most powerful sources of transformation I have ever experienced or seen.'”

Busy young professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives (and their families), all tend to have one thing in common– they do not see themselves as “basic” or “run of the mill” and rather are in the market for something that really adds value to their lives.  Something that brings them MORE of all the things they want to experience, and not just less of the things they don’t like.

Do you agree that you’re not run of the mill?  That spinal care can potentially help everyone? That Network Care adds value and gives you and edge life?  Or disagree?? Please comment below.

Introducing our Practice Member of the Month for November 2017!

Congratulations to Elizabeth H., our November 2017 Practice Member of the Month!

We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make, and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!

This month, we honor you!

Elizabeth H. has been in care with Dr. Katie since July 2017


Why I came to New Day:

I am a highly sensitive person and since childhood have been riddled with anxiety around things I cannot control. This caused an abundance of stress to build in my body and I’ve experienced physical tension, pain, and headaches regularly since my early teens. I sought Dr. Katie’s help in July 2017 because I was looking to eradicate these feelings of stress and anxiety that were really interfering with my quality of life. My body was consistently operating in “fight or flight” mode. I was scared and frustrated a lot, and these feelings were holding me back.


My chiropractic results:

You know how amazing it feels to take a really deep breath? That energy, that clear, joyful feeling is how I’d describe the effects of Dr. Katie’s care at New Day. Network Chiropractic has helped me to feel like a happy, whole person for the first time in my adult life. Not only has my daily tension and pain subsided, but I feel like calm and clear energy is flowing through my mind and body now. I can take deep breaths. I am much more conscious of my spine and how it relates to my body and mind.

Dr. Katie has helped to reset my nervous system, so that it is working with me, rather than against me. It’s been a true transformation for me. I no longer feel as upset by things like nightmare traffic or the unpredictable actions of other people. I’m not as disturbed by those things in life I just can’t control. I feel brave, capable, and confident. I never thought I’d be able to say this, but my patience feels so much more abundant, too.


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie:

New Day is an oasis in Chicago and Dr. Katie’s care has changed my life. She helps me to feel real connectivity between my mind and body. The sense of freedom, confidence, and energy that comes from her adjustments is totally priceless. I feel like I’m able to go out into the world and live without fear. I can’t think of anything better than that!


– Elizabeth H., Chicago, IL

They are the world, they are the future

They are the world. . .

They are the future. . .

chicago chiropractic office header

When it comes to the need for spinal care, there may be someone you’re forgetting about!


Great day to you, New Day community!

When I was a kid growing up in the 1980s, I remember seeing a commercial on tv that confused me.  It was Sally Struthers promoting a campaign to “save the children.”  Some of you may remember this was part of a larger relief effort for parts of Africa struck by famine.  This was a pressing enough topic at the time that Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie wrote a song about it.

I remember on one occasion, after seeing one of these commercials, I turned and asked my mom a question, genuinely confused. “What about the grown-ups?  Why don’t we save them?”

My mom, with an amused look on her face, explained to me that people generally care about helping children more than adults because children “haven’t made any mistakes yet,” are innocent, and therefore aren’t at fault for their suffering.  Unlike helping adults, helping children is not controversial.

It’s an interesting paradox that even though we generally hold the mindset that children, as harbingers of possibility on the planet, are worth investing in, caring for, and helping, we also tend to regard them as potentially needing less help because they haven’t made the mistakes of adults.  Unless they’ve suffered a major injury or trauma or live in a region ravaged by famine, they’re probably fine!

Take for example, the world of chiropractic care.  Many people assume that a child wouldn’t need chiropractic care because they haven’t had the mistake filled, messed up, stressful life that they will later have as an adult (and at that point will need to be fixed).

This general interpretation of kids as inherently problem-free ignores the important fact that kids in this day and age have increasing physical, mental, and emotional stressors.  Even in ideal circumstances, kids experience heavy backpacks, physical injuries playing sports, smart phones and computers, too much sitting, ear infections, sugar eating, etc.  Just like for adults, these stressors on the nervous system show up as tension in the spinal cord, blockages between the brain and the body, poor posture and physical imbalances, problems in the functioning of internal organs and the immune system, and a stress-based way of behaving and interacting in life.

And many people don’t know that the typical birthing process is when the first major stresses to the spine, nerves, and brain may occur.  These stresses, left unaddressed, can have a major impact in the future, as imbalances in childhood create the foundation for growth and development.

Click here for a link to research about kids and chiropractic!

There is also the important fact that many children experience more obvious stressors such as the emotional effects of parental stress and divorce, bullying, abuse, traumas and injuries, and medications. Many of us, as adults, can look back on the stresses on our nervous systems that occurred when we were children and see how these impacted us as we grew into adults.  While it may be too late to turn back the clock for us, it isn’t too late to help a child in your life have a better, healthier childhood and adulthood through chiropractic.

But the idea that kids are less likely to benefit from chiropractic because they are inherently healthier than adults also ignores a much, MUCH, more important fact. Chiropractic, NSA care, and New Day exist on the planet for a much bigger reason than fixing or managing problems.  New Day exists as a community so that you and your families can know yourselves as people who shine brightly for the world.  The world needs more people who know themselves as healthy, bright, and able to make a positive impact on the planet.  The ability of the brain and the body to work together through the nerves is how this experience is created.

To draw an analogy, in your life you work at a job and make an income.  If you were only allowed to make a certain level of income as long as you had a certain level of monthly bills and debt, you can see you that would be limiting, right?  If you’re only allowing yourself or your loved ones to benefit from chiropractic care as long as they are “messed up”, you’re limiting the life changing potential of maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system over time.

Has chiropractic helped a kid you know?  Do you have questions about chiropractic or Network Spinal Analysis and your child?  Comment below!  And call us to ask about making an appointment for your child if you haven’t already.