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Health care vs self care

Health care vs self care

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If all we needed was a chocolate bar and a bath. . .


You guys! ¬†And I know that you are not all men, but I like saying “you guys!” sometimes ūüôā

I have wanted to write this blog for SUCH a long time. ¬†It’s been on my mind.

And then, last night, something happened to remind me to do this.

I was chatting with some new acquaintances at an event here in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, and we began discussing our mutual love of cute animal videos. ¬†Specifically, if you’re interested, we discussed¬†cross-species friendship videos (we post a lot of these on our New Day Facebook btw).

One of the women said, half joking, “Watching those videos is my self-care! ¬†I just need to watch¬†them every day, and then I’m good!”

We all had a laugh, of course, because we all agree that it is hilarious that these videos seem to have such a big positive impact on us.

But my brain also went straight to this blog on this whole “self care” phenomenon.

If you’re feeling concerned that there’s a rant coming on, you may be right. ¬†BUT bear with me, I think this is important and that you will be glad you read this.

OK here goes. ¬†It’s a testament to the overall cultural awareness that constant smart phone usage, and the around-the-clock expectations that seem to go with that, is so detrimental to our health that “self care” has now entered the popular vernacular.

Things that used to be normal, like eating chocolate, taking a bath, or reading an article have now been elevated to the status of “self care.” ¬†And then there are also things that are rather weird, like adult coloring books and ASMR (click here if you don’t know what that is) that are now considered a helpful antidote to the excesses of stress-based overstimulation.

Believe me, I’m happy that we are recognizing how serious the threats to our health and wellbeing are at this stage of civilization. ¬†I’m also happy that we are being more mindful of how to use what little free time we have, choosing activities that are restorative for our bodies and brains.

Even the ability to pause and be mindful/bodyful enough to engage in “self care” is a function of your neurological baseline. ¬†Most of us notice that we find it more and more difficult to do the things we know help us the more entrenched we become in the stress-based functioning. ¬†And we may also notice that there can be a diminishing rate of return. ¬†Now we turn to baths and chocolate in a desperate attempt to slow down the negative effects of everything else. ¬†We are more likely to have an energy-poor relationship of this type with self care if we’re not getting the health care we need for our spine and nervous system on a consistent basis.

Getting the health care that allows your brain and body to communicate is necessary so that you can be properly energized to the point that self care can happen more easily, and in a way that is more connected and more energy rich.

I will add that it is possible to use ANY form of health or self care in a way that is energy poor, including Network Spinal. ¬†But even that ability to see ourselves– when we may be desperately consuming the care as an outside-in experience to help us “survive,” fix us, or make us feel something (or not have to feel something else), is evidence that our brains and bodies are working differently and better– we know that something else is possible.

The last point I will make about health care versus self care is that self care doesn’t include much if any vulnerability. ¬†We control it all, and no one SEES us. Therefore, the capacity for true healing, of going from energy poor-neutral “me” to a more energy rich “we” isn’t necessarily there.

When I watch a cat video on youtube, it may provide a helpful change of focus in the moment. ¬†But it doesn’t SEE me. ¬†And it certainly isn’t able to adjust my spine so that my brain and body work better. ¬†And it doesn’t allow me to experience myself as anything beyond a consumer; I don’t get to be a contribution to anyone. ¬†In case you’re wondering, I don’t get to be my own chiropractor. ¬†That doesn’t work for these reasons!

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your comments below. ¬†Don’t forget your self care this week– but DEFINITELY don’t forget your health care. ¬†Pat yourself on the back for the great choice you are making in choosing a healthy spine and nervous system.

Introducing Practice Member of the Month for September 2018!

We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!


We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!








Rowan E. has been in care with Dr. Katie since June 2018



Why I came to New Day Рwritten by my mom, Lisa:  

Rowan came to New Day because I was under care the whole time I was pregnant with him.  I know that this care helped contribute to my having a healthy delivery, and helped so that he didn’t have a lot of trauma from or around his birth experience. I remember when I first was pregnant that my friends complained about back pain and sleeplessness, things like that, and this care really helped to alleviate a lot of those symptoms I was expecting to experience. Plus it was really cool to feel him inside of me, as he reacted and moved around during my own sessions with Dr. Katie.

I always love the phrasing ‚Äúa healthy spine = a happy and healthy life,‚ÄĚ why wouldn‚Äôt I want to start him out with exactly that! Birth can be traumatic for him, as well as me, even with a ‚Äúrelatively uneventful‚ÄĚ labor and delivery. Just think about how much efforting it takes to come into this world, right? Setting him up for a healthy nervous system outside of the womb was really important to me. ¬†I knew how much the care was helping me during my pregnancy and even before that, and I knew the benefits of care for him were something that I wanted to ensure that he had from day 1!



My chiropractic results – written by my mom, Lisa:

Rowan has had some really great milestones in care since he was born in June. He always sleeps very well after his adjustment with Dr. Katie and in fact has been sleeping through the night since month 1. There was a time early on after his birth that he would only turn his head and neck to one direction Рand now he has started to move his neck both directions with more ease. I don’t see him holding his head that way anymore Рand that change was sustained after only a few light adjustments by Dr. Katie.

His spine is more aligned, and his neck has very strong control of movement now. I especially notice his neck strength and movement  when I see him and compare his movements to other babies.I also noticed that when I nurse him, his latch and suck is stronger Рwhich could be part of the care, but could also be improving as he gets older.

During his sessions he lights up with the biggest smiles when he gets adjusted, like each time she connects with his spine, a lightbulb turns on in his nervous system – and that brings a lot of joy to the office and staff, too. Which I love!!


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie – written by my mom, Lisa:

Same reasons why I started. If I am doing this for my life, why wouldn’t I give him the best tools for his life possible? I want to contribute in every way that I can to ensure he has a healthy, happy life!


Why did you choose to have your infant son receive Network Care at New Day?

I think the easiest way to express why I choose chiropractic care for him would be explaining that when your baby is hungry, or not happy, or colicy for example Рthat YOU WILL DO ANYTHING to try and make that thing that isn’t working well, better for them. You will buy try every technique, buy everything toy, and try every possible solution to make them more comfortable. I think of chiropractic for him as a sort of insurance that his body can function to it’s best ability.

Instead of being REACTIVE, I am being proactive for his overall wellness. For instance, I don’t want him to have to take medications for things that could be resolved by chiropractic care or more holistic forms of treatments Рso if this can align him and help him have better immunity and a healthier system overall РI will absolutely do this for him.

I remember when I started care years ago someone described to me a visual of our soul and spine being bright and pure when we are born. As we get older it is exposed to environmental, emotional and physical trauma that light dims. I believe that this care removes those layers and helps your light become bright again! This also allows us to be better people to the people and world around us. So if I can do something to keep him ‚Äúshining bright‚ÄĚ I will!

– Rowan E., Chicago, IL




It’s so hard to say goodbye! A fond farewell to some of New Day’s brightest lights¬†

It’s so hard to say goodbye!

chicago chiropractic office header
A fond farewell to some of New Day’s brightest lights¬†


Good morning, New Day!

It’s something I never really thought about when I first opened New Day. ¬†Call me naive.

But somehow I just thought that once I started taking care of someone, and Network Spinal became an important part of how they take care of their health, energy, and aliveness, that we’d just be in each other’s lives forever. ¬†Yes, changing and growing together. ¬†But more or less “happily ever after.”

If you remember several months ago when we were installing our special wall in the adjusting room to honor the practice members who have been in care at New Day for 3 years or more, the question arose: “Why aren’t there more practice members who’ve been here for that long?”

There’s one very real reason– people move away!

And even though it can be bittersweet for us, this is actually a very happy and inspiring thing.  That through the care and the way our practice members are choosing to live that they can so often make the choice that they need to make so that their lives can be even better.

Starting this spring and through until now, we have had a large number of our brightest leave for greener pastures. Here, we say a special goodbye and bless you in your future life!

(In no particular order) goodbye Midge W, Jenna and Violet G and family, David W, Jen H, Karl B, Mark C, Katie C, Stacy and Lisa P, Meredith G, Susanne S, and Joe P.

Sending blessings to you in the next chapter of your life, and hoping that you keep in touch and visit us when you’re in town.

We hope that you continue your care, and light up those practices and communities that you will be a part of.

Shine on <3

I’m not the wizard!

I’m not the wizard

And I’m not Glinda either!


Good morning, New Day!

I say it often, but what a difference perspective makes.  For example, last night I went out to dinner at a restaurant in Chicago where I once worked as a cocktail waitress (a short lived experience).

Even though many years have passed, when I walked in I found that I suddenly and momentarily had access to the same emotions and had some of the same thoughts that I did at that time.  In that naive version of reality, I recall assuming that the owners of the restaurant were making money hand over fist, and were certainly very wealthy (as I probably thought that anyone who owned a restaurant would be).

Looking at the place last night, from my present vantage point, it seemed hard to understand how they could even stay in business, what with all the expenses!

Ah, yes. ¬†The gift of perspective. ¬†Or as some might call it, “getting old.” ūüėČ

I had several moments like this working with practice members at New Day this week, when it occurred to me that, sometimes I probably seem like the Wizard, or perhaps Glinda, from the Wizard of Oz. ¬†And not just because the experience of having your nervous system reprogram through Network Spinal Analysis can sometimes seem so magical and mysterious as to seem “wizardly” ūüôā

Does anyone remember the part of the movie, toward the end, when Dorothy discovers that Glinda had the answers all along, but didn’t tell her? ¬†Instead, Dorothy was expected to go on this crazy, dangerous, and often pointless seeming journey and figure it out on her own. ¬†The lines go something like this:

Dorothy: Oh, will you help me? Can you help me?
Glinda: You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas.
Dorothy: I have?
Scarecrow: Then why didn’t you tell her before?
Glinda: She wouldn’t have believed me. She had to learn it for herself.

“Wouldn’t have believed me”?! ¬†I remember, even as a kid, being so annoyed and frustrated by this. ¬†What a jerk, that Glinda!

I want you to understand that when I am adjusting you, helping you through SRI breathwork, or otherwise interacting with you, I am not standing there with all the answers, just waiting for you to (finally) figure it out.

I’ve been the person on the adjusting table feeling misunderstood, frustrated, judged, and annoyed with my chiropractor (and recently!)

In fact, I remember a time in chiropractic school when I felt so upset and so judged by the person adjusting me (due to her simply telling me at the end of an adjustment on one occasion that I would feel more results in my body and life if I could get more aware of where in my body I felt the things I was feeling) that I vowed never to see her for care again and questioned whether I would continue learning to practice NSA.

And yet here I am, still in the game.  And I am thankful for that experience and what it taught me about the work and what it feels like to be the one on the table, vulnerable and feeling alone.

You’re not alone. ¬†I’m here with you. ¬†And I’m not holding out on you. ¬†I really am doing my best to be present for you in every moment. ¬†I don’t have all the answers. ¬†But here’s what I do know:

  1. Your brain and body know how to heal and can heal
  2. We all need to feel it to heal it, and we all need to experience what we experience, until we need to have another experience
  3. Network Spinal happens to be a wonderful way to access that inner healing through the nervous system (not the only way), and an amazing practice and process to be in for not just health, but perspective and conscious awareness

Have a wonderful, wizardly week (haha!)! ¬†Your families and communities are grateful for you and the process you’re in, and I look forward to seeing you at your next visit.







Introducing out Practice Member of the Month – August 2018!

We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!

We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!

Anabella D. has been in care with Dr. Katie since May 2018


Why I came to New Day:  

Prior to knowing anything about Network Care (NSA) I had been meditating and have been praying for healing. I was experiencing anxiety and stress, and pain in my body was keeping me from taking action. I was experiencing a sprained ankle and knee pain from 2 years ago, was an insomniac and then started getting headaches, neck pain, and wrist pain. I got massages and acupuncture but it didn’t make any of the pain go away. I was told by a reiki healer that the wrist pain symbolized I was holding onto something and my massage therapist said that the energy in my heart area was depleted. I had no idea how I was supposed to get in there to fix those things, but I continued to set my intention and trust that I will find my answer.


Not long after, my friend reminded me about Bodhi Spiritual Center and it turned out that they were having their healing arts fair the day I went for services. Prior to that day, the idea of chiropractic care kept popping up in my head. When I attended the fair, I had no idea there would be a chiropractor there, but I saw a beautiful painting of angels on one of the tables from across the room and I was just drawn to it. Low and behold, it was the New Day table and Dr. Katie was offering demonstrations for NSA. I signed up, got on the table and Dr. Katie did her thing. I had no idea what was happening, but as soon as I tried to get up, something triggered this sharp radiating pain on my lower back and suddenly I felt fear, panic, and helplessness. Dr. Katie guided me in my breathing and her gentleness calmed me and when she touched my back, I felt this sensation spread throughout my back and the pain dissolved. It brought me to tears and in that moment I knew she was the one to trust in my healing.


My chiropractic results:

Since starting care in May 2018, I feel like so much has happened. I can’t believe it’s only been 2 months but the care and healing I have experienced is multidimensional. The immediate results I received was being able to sleep through the night, headaches went away, feeling relaxed, having extra energy throughout the day and just feeling happy. The pain in my neck went away after a few sessions and I feel like I have more range of motion and I breathe deeper like there is a sense of expansion in my body. Being in a relaxed state gave me an opportunity to acknowledge uncomfortable things that were coming up instead of ignoring it. I was able to confront difficult thoughts and feelings about myself and the situations I was trying to avoid. In doing this I was able to really reflect on past traumas that manifested in my knee pain, and the sprained ankle that had been swollen for 2 years is now back to its normal size!


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie:

There is so much to talk about with the endless possibilities I see in Network Care. It is a game changer, especially if you believe that we are all energy vibrating in different frequencies. Because I believe that we are all connected and we attract what energy we send out, I can see how Network Care (NSA) is a powerful tool to help me align my energy with what I am wanting out of life.


Dr. Katie makes it easy for me to release conscious and unconscious resistance, she wakes up aspects of me that I had forgotten or neglected. When there is no resistance it is easier to tune my frequency with what I’m wanting.  My choices become more deliberate and I feel like I am the creator of my own reality. I am better able to maneuver through life and it’s hardships and I know that pain is not something I just want to numb but I approach it now as an opportunity to discover something about myself and how I can become more in tune with what is happening in my body. My internal and external world has begun to intersect and I am more open to allowing abundance to flow, I am more aware of the magical and beautiful things that happen, and I can’t help but be grateful. Dr. Katie is able to bridge the gap between the physical and the metaphysical and gives me the key to open up my world to whole new way of living. I know I still have more to uncover and learn and I am loving this process. Life has become a lot more interesting.


Why did you encourage your daughter to receive Network Care at New Day?

My daughter has been experiencing pain on her knees, headaches, and low energy. With the results I’ve experienced I know she will benefit from the alignment she will receive. She just turned 10 which means a whole new developmental stage. I would like for her to have a great foundation in her growth, and I trust that this care will help her be more resilient and courageous.


– Anabella D., Chicago, IL



Communities of disease vs communities of health

Communities of disease vs communities of health

Which ones do you belong to?


Good morning, New Day!

Community. ¬†It’s the highest stage of Donny Epstein’s 12 Stages of Healing– when we are in a simultaneous state of giving and receiving and both energize and light us up equally.

The quality of our communities defines our experience of health and life in so many realms.  When we are in a state of abundant energy and aliveness, we are able to experience our bodies as a community of energized parts that contribute to a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.  When the community of our body is in trouble, we experience aches, pains, disease, illness, and separation.

When we go to a place do we feel both energized and uplifted, AND the simultaneous ability to energize and uplift?  Or do we have a consistent experience of agitation, annoyance, and separation?  Or, do we feel burdened with the feeling that we bring our energy and aliveness, but quickly feel taxed and overburdened through our contributions?

As you may know, the New Day community is one of the greatest, and often most unexpected, benefits of being a New Day practice member.  When you step into the space for your adjustments, attend a workshop or event, etc, you are both accessing a tremendous amount of accumulated energy and wisdom, while simultaneously experiencing yourself as a potential leader and a contribution to others.

There are likely to be points along the way when we access more energy than we add, and on those days, the gift is being able to receive from the generosity of others, and to experience your own fluctuations within the bigger picture of growth.

I receive so much from you, every single day, in energy, aliveness, and wisdom. ¬†It’s a myth, often perpetuated by what I call “the wounded healer type,” that healing practitioners are constantly just giving of themselves to the point of depletion. ¬†Giving, giving, giving, and the world takes. ¬†Giving, giving, giving, until the end of the day or week when we collapse in exhaustion in our tiny cave of a residence, from the heaviness of it all.

This is not my experience!  I take responsibility for the energy I bring, while at the same time welcoming the synchronous contributions of others.

As an example of this, our practice member Kit shared an email with me containing a video link to a talk by Dr. Joe Dispenza on “Programming Your Mind for Remarkable Recovery.” ¬†This is a long talk, but really so amazing and inspiring. ¬†I highly suggest you check it out.

Click here to go to Joe Dispenza’s talk on “Programming Your Mind for Remarkable Recovery”

I had a major “aha!” as I listened, at about minutes 38-45 when unexpectedly he began describing how we contribute (or fail to contribute) to the energy field around us through how our brain and nervous systems are functioning. ¬†He describes the physiology that is needed to “fall in love with the moment” and therefore contribute effortlessly as the magnetic field around your body expands. ¬†We experience ourselves as lighter, as more energy than matter. ¬†THIS is what Donny Epstein is referring to when he talks about moving from being energy poor and energy neutral to “energy rich.”

All this might sound new-agey and futuristic, but I highly suggest you at least give this video a listen minutes 38-45 and see how this energy and information inspires your perspective on the how and why of Network Care, and how you move through your day and the communities you are part of.

Meanwhile, back to my main pointРcommunity and the energy field we create together.  In order to provide a time and place for the leaders, creatives, and most energized New Day community members to come together and amplify this experience, I have created a new event called the Bright Souls Gathering.  This gathering is definitely FOR YOU if you 1) Love the care and how it impacts your health and life and 2) Have benefitted noticeably from being part of the New Day Community and 3) Would benefit even more through a gathering with like minded and hearted others to amp up your experience of yourself and others as energy rich.

I am SO EXCITED for these experiences, as having more time with our brightest lights energizes and inspires me immeasurably.

Our first Bright Souls Gathering will be held, weather permitting, at Wells Park (Montrose and Lincoln in Chicago, 1 block from New Day) on Wednesday, August 22nd You will receive more updates about our exact meeting place when you RSVP.  Our initial meeting will be brief, from 6:30-7:30PM, and will include discussion on future gatherings.  A light meal and refreshments will be served.

I take responsibility for the energy I bring to the communities I’m part of, including the New Day community, all the while assessing which communities are the most energizing and putting my resources there. ¬†THANK YOU for choosing to shine so brightly, and lighting up others (such as myself!) to do the same. ¬†Please RSVP to Bright Souls Gathering on your next visit, or by emailing Amber ūüôā



Introducing our Practice Member of the Month for July 2018!

We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!

We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!

Jan T. has been in care with Dr. Katie since November 2017


Why I came to New Day:  

Last summer, when I was visiting a friend in Philadelphia, I accompanied her to her Network chiropractor and he invited me to climb on a table and experience a treatment. ¬†I immediately felt a strong change in my body and mood and asked for a referral in Chicago. He gave me Dr. Katie’s name and I was delighted to find out that this fabulous healer was just 10 minutes from my home!


My chiropractic results:

My time with Dr. Katie has been a life-altering period of growth. ¬†My hips and shoulders are aligned for the first time in years, the intense pain in my neck and shoulder are gone except for an occasional small twinge and I stand up straighter. ¬†I’m less anxious, I have stopped trying to hold up my body with my shoulders (!), and I swear I’m taller!


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie:

My supportive practices outside Dr. Katie’s office are deep body work (with practice member Moira Scullion), yoga (with practice member Brooks Hall), pilates, daily meditation, creative writing, spending time in nature and reading English murder mysteries ad infinitum. These other modalities and activities reinforce the realignment that I experience on Dr. Katie‚Äôs table; she initiates it and they support it.

Life is good and I am lucky, especially to have found Dr. Katie. ¬†I’m glad she’s young and full of energy because I am a New Day lifer!


-Jan T., Chicago, IL


I could no longer use the word _____________

I could no longer use the word ______ 

Words create worlds!


Great morning to you, New Day!  Happy summer!

As you’ve probably noticed in your life, there is a cycle for everything. ¬†Times for working hard. ¬†And times for relaxing. ¬†Times for building. ¬†And times for consolidating.

At New Day, we were in a cycle of building leading up to our 5 year anniversary party celebration in April.  After that was more of a time for relaxing and consolidating, until now.  Now, as some of you already know, we are beginning our annual careplan sale.

The focus of our sale, which we started last year, is the cream of the crop of our New Day community; our practice members who are in ongoing care with us and have chosen having a healthy spine and nervous system over the long term as a necessary component of their health.  Participating in the sale is an easy way to continue making that choice, by accessing the lowest prices available of the year.

So there I was over the last weeks of June, getting ready for our sale, and I started to notice that I wasn’t feeling the same level of excitement as I did last year.

Something was feeling off, and I wasn’t sure what it was. ¬†Through a (perfectly timed of course) series of situations, conversations, and insights, I realized that the problem stemmed from a word and the ENERGY NEUTRAL world that word was creating.

What word am I talking about?  Can you guess it?

I took this pretty picture while out for a walk in our beautiful Northcenter Chicago neighborhood!


It’s a word commonly used to describe a person’s health and wellbeing. ¬†And it’s a word that we used in the title of our most popular ongoing careplan for our New Day practice members.

It might help you if I share briefly what I mean by energy neutral.  Donny Epstein, chiropractor and creator of Network Spinal, has a concept of 3 energetic states that we might be expressing at any given time (physically, emotionally, mentally, in life, etc).  These states are energy poor, energy neutral, and energy rich.

Energy poor, as you might imagine, is a state of breakdown. ¬†There isn’t enough energy to sustain the basic functionality of a system, and so the whole is breaking into parts. ¬†We suffer with aches and pains, or disease. ¬†There isn’t enough money in the bank to cover the bills. ¬†The relationship goes from “we” into two “me’s”. ¬†An example of chiropractic care that comes from an energy poor context would be a pain clinic. ¬†Energy poor states are sometimes necessary, but as you might imagine, you don’t want to stay there for long.

When I think of what energy neutral means, the term “status quo” comes to mind. ¬†When we’re energy neutral we are no longer in crisis and breakdown, BUT we’re basically devoting all of our time, energy, and focus to maintaining the relatively better situation that we’ve created and ensuring that we only experience minor fluctuations around that (less bad, fine, okay, good) situation that we’ve created in our physicality or otherwise.

There was something so yuckily energy neutral about what I noticed happening in the practice that was completely incongruent with the nature of New Day and it was hinging on this particular word in question.  (CLICK HERE TO SEE IF YOUR GUESS IS CORRECT!)

WELLNESS is the word. ¬†Wellness is a word that was created and came into usage with the best of all intentions, I’m sure. ¬†But now, wellness for me connotes a bland energy of stasis. ¬†There’s nothing wrong. ¬†And since there’s nothing wrong you have the luxury of engaging in this care to maintain you, keep you safe, certain, out of crisis, basically a “return to fine.” ¬†An insurance policy, of sorts.

There’s nothing wrong with all of this, and in fact I believe there is a time and a place for energy neutral states. ¬†But it can’t be the focus, and it can’t be the goal.

Choosing Network Care for your nervous system, spine, and life is helping you have the best chance possible for a healthy life at all times.  There will be fluctuations, and there will be breakdowns.  There will be times of comfort and stability.  But most of all, there is the overall sense that we are choosing growth, development and possibility in our lives over time.

It is from this place that we have re-named “Year of Wellness” to now be called “Year of Energy and Aliveness.” ¬†The focus is to help you consciously choose energy and aliveness for your health and your life over the long term. ¬†Just saying it and thinking it has me feeling energized by the possibilities!

In this vein, I am creating a series of special events and gatherings in the spirit of the energy and aliveness of our New Day practice members. ¬†It’s been so much fun creating something new, and I thank you for understanding why it is important to be continually open to growth and change, and I look forward to creating with you this week through our adjustments together ūüôā

Have you ever changed your world by changing the word/s you use?  Comment here and tell me about it!

Introducing our Practice Member of the Month for June 2018!

We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!

We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!

Dr. Katie Ray, DC and Ellen S. - Practice Member of the Month for June 2018









Ellen S. has been in care with Dr. Katie since March 2018


Why I came to New Day:  

I’ve always had an interest in holistic medicine and I’ve experienced many different holistic modalities including 3 three types of chiropractic and have benefited from them all in some way or another. The common theme was that what seems like little things can make a BIG difference in health and healing, e.g.:

– Thoughts were creating your world

– Learning to love and appreciate self

РLet go of what can’t control

– Attitude ‚Äď have fun, make it fun

– Spend time outdoors ‚Äď get a dose of Vitamin N (Nature)


I came to New Day and Dr. Katie initially via what felt like a circuitous route.   At my first meeting of a women’s networking group (Women Belong), I met a woman who was visiting the group and we discovered we both went to Bodhi Spiritual Center.  She invited me to a New Day’s networking event that night, and I rearranged my schedule so I could attend. I loved being with so many like-minded spirits.

The opportunity was offered for a free consultation with Dr. Katie in exchange for a donation to Friendship Pet Food Pantry. Sounded like a win-win to me as I was curious to learn more. ¬†I became very excited about NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) because I believe that everything in the body in connected to everything and I had never seen a modality that was so inclusive. My goal has always been: keep it simple. ¬†Thus, my reaction was, ‚ÄúWhere do I sign?‚ÄĚ


My chiropractic results:

Since becoming a practice member at New Day I have experienced many positive changes. . .

  • Posture: immediate improvement ¬†after 1st visit that required a major adjustment of my rear view mirror; body continues to make ongoing automatic adjustments.
  • Sleep: ¬†love my sleep which was good but got noticeably better ‚Äď go to sleep quicker, stay asleep, sleep deeper and wake up in a state where I go seamlessly into meditation.
  • Neck: ¬†neck has increased range of motion ¬†with no pain.
  • Jaw: ¬†had a jaw that locked if I opened it too far, now can yawn full out.
  • Focus: ¬†I have self-diagnosed as having a low level attention deficit disorder (ADD); now am focused for longer periods of time, and with ease.


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie:

My plan is to continue with New Day and Dr. Katie into perpetuity.  I recently discovered a chart detailing the role the spine plays in the body and I want to continue to reap the possible benefits until I depart this planet.


My passion and purpose:

I have moved from the Band Aid side of medicine (patching people up after they fall apart as an RN) to the prevention side because I discovered a way to help folks bridge the gap between what they do eat and what they should eat.

I jumped in with both feet with Juice Plus, both personally and with starting my own business with them. I wanted to share with others about the importance of good health because I recognized most of western medicine is eliminating symptoms rather than focusing on the cause, or even treating the cause. People aren‚Äôt always having their source of their ‚Äúproblems‚ÄĚ addressed and good nutrition is essential to the foundation of good health. What I learned is that often times people ‚Äúdon‚Äôt heal they conceal,‚ÄĚ and I want to help them understand the possibilities of a healthy diet, through Juice Plus.

Just like Juice Plus, my NSA sessions with Dr. Katie are an important part of my healthy lifestyle. From years of experiences as an RN I have come to totally believe that good health is our greatest wealth.  Without it everything else in our life becomes devalued. And prevention is the key!


– Ellen S., Chicago, IL


Which of the 4 are you?

Which of the 4 are you?

chicago chiropractic office header


I’m obsessed with this right now!


Good morning, New Day community!

I’m always surprised and impressed when you ask me questions like, “How was your trip? ¬†You were in Utah at the Young Living Convention, right?” ¬†I feel like I can barely remember my own schedule sometimes, and think it’s really thoughtful when you do ūüôā

As I’ve been expressing to some of you since I got back to Chicago, the convention was great and Salt Lake City and¬†Utah were¬†AWESOME. ¬†I would love to go back and enjoy Utah more in the future.

So in some ways, I got what I was expecting to get out of the convention.  I was able to smell EVERY essential oil at the conference expo (jasmine blew my mind! but more on that later), I got to see one of the Young Living farms up close (the beauty of the farm in the promotional materials is NOT AT ALL EXAGGERATED!)

It was also a lot of fun to spend time with my friend at the convention, another Network Spinal chiropractor.

The education and speakers were also top notch. ¬†Mel Robbins, author of “The 5 Second Rule” (which is everywhere right now) spoke to us on the last morning of the convention about how to motivate ourselves to take action in our lives (as easy as 5-4-3-2-1, apparently!)

The workshop that really took me by surprise was an educational workshop on “The Four Tendencies.” This class was basically a presentation of a book by the same title by Gretchen Rubin.
Somehow, this workshop ended up being the most memorable part of the convention for me!

I’m obsessed with the 4 tendencies right now! ¬†Let me tell you why.

The 4 tendencies is a way to understand human behavior, both the things that work to our advantage, as well as understanding how to catch the flaws that can derail us by using a strategy that works for our specific tendency or type.

Gretchen Rubin’s theory goes that there are these 4 tendencies, types, or ways of being, and each of us basically belongs to one of these types. ¬†Your tendency doesn’t change situationally or as you get older, so it’s just something you might as well learn about so that you can use what you learn to your advantage.

Which type are you? ¬†I’ll say one more thing about this before I highlight each type, which is that our tendency is based on how we relate to expectations. There are 2 types of expectations in life, says Rubin, external– or the ones society, family, coworkers, etc, place on us, and internal expectations– the one’s we place on ourselves.

I was intrigued, but wasn’t overly impressed by all of this, until the presenter began describing my tendency, and I was like “whoa, that is SO me!”

The first tendency, the Upholder, is the person who responds to both internal and external expectations. ¬†These folks are good at doing what’s expected of them, but also have a high level of goal orientation and self direction when it comes to their own expectations for themselves. ¬†Upholders usually achieve a lot in life, but can be rigid and get thrown into a panic when there is an interruption to their carefully scheduled plans and routines. ¬†The motto of the Upholder is “Do what’s right, even if people call you uptight.” ¬†Upholders do best living by their calendars and planners.

The second tendency, the Questioner, is the person who is responsive to their internal expectations, but doesn’t always respond to expectations externally placed on them. ¬†Their motto is, “I’ll comply, if you tell me WHY.” ¬†Questioners are highly self directed, but can follow external expectations by basically deciding they “agree” with it and converting it to an internal expectation. ¬†Questioners downfall is getting hung up on what they see as arbitrary rules, annoyed by people questioning them, and can be prone to “analysis paralysis.”

The third tendency is the Rebel. ¬†Rebels don’t like either form of expectations! ¬†Their motto, “You can’t make me, and neither can I!” summarizes their key issue in life, which is that they can sabotage even their own best ideas by resisting their own expectations. ¬†The key with rebels, said our presenter, is that they can uphold expectations, as long as they reframe expectations as an expression of their own unique identity and self expression. ¬†And when they strongly believe in a cause, they will act.

The fourth tendency is the tendency that the largest chunk of the population belongs to, said our presenter. ¬†The Obliger is a rock, a great team player, and the person who responds strongly to external expectations, but somehow has trouble motivating themselves to work on their own goals and dreams. ¬†They are the person who is most likely to say, “I can do so much for other people, I just don’t know why I can’t do for myself.” ¬†The Obliger’s motto is “You can count on me. ¬†And I’m counting on you, to count on me.” ¬†Obligers have the hardest time in business because they are so much more motivated to work on other people’s projects and contributing to teams and family. ¬†The key to success for an Obliger is to have an accountability partner (the only catch is that the partner cannot be another Obliger!)

Now that I’ve described the tendencies, do you think you know which type you are? ¬†Do you think you know which type I am??

(In case you look into this further, I will make you aware that there is a quiz you can take online to find your tendency, but I don’t recommend it! ¬†Way too simplistic. ¬†You could even say I disagree with it. . . )

So you might have guessed it, I am a Questioner through and through. ¬†As soon as the presenter read the Questioner “motto” I was a believer that this 4 tendencies thing was going to be a big help in my life! ¬†The Questioner action plan, according to the presenter, is to gain clarity, and to set a deadline. ¬†Without a deadline, Questioners can keep working on things forever, improving and changing them based on new information.

Since learning about this, I’ve been obsessed with figuring out other people’s tendencies, such as my family and New Day team.

I’ve also been thinking about how different types might experience chiropractic, Network Spinal, and the process of being in care at New Day. ¬†There’s definitely a lot for the Questioner to love, with the educational workshops we offer, and there is obviously A TON to learn about Network Spinal and Donny Epstein on the internet (you’ll never get bored). ¬†The Upholder wants a road map for success, and would be interested in completing necessary workshops, and always knowing how successful they are through their reassessments and getting my input on their progress.

Rebels, I would imagine, could get on board with care for their spine and nervous system by embracing it as part of their identity, and something that challenges the status quo way of experiencing health in our society.  Obligers may take longer to come into care, but when they do, would appreciate the structure of having an expectation that they follow their careplan (and finally take care of themselves for once!)

Is this interesting or helpful to you? Which type are you? ¬†What’s your tendency? ¬†Comment here, or let me know at your appointments this week ūüôā