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ABOUT DR. KATIE | Greetings! My name is Dr. Katie Ray, and I’d like to welcome you to New Day. New Day is your Chicago destination for Network Spinal Analysis™ care, the revolutionary healing technology created by Dr. Donald Epstein. I named my practice New Day to remind us that the feeling of a new day—that newness, possibility, and light—is always available to us. In fact, it lives inside us! The more of that newness we can feel, the more exciting and fun our lives can be.

This was my first experience of Network Care. In 2005 I was a poor, anxious, struggling student in a PhD program. I felt consumed by aches and pains in my body and I was constantly stressed out and irritable. I was less than thrilled with my chosen career and this issue constantly loomed in the background. I sought out Network Care because out of the many problems I thought I had, the ongoing pain in my spine and body felt the most urgent to deal with. I hoped that this new type of chiropractic care could fix it.

I had used traditional chiropractic care in the past, but in it I had never found the long-term solution I was looking for. In fact, the effects of the adjustments seemed to wear off in a day or two, leaving me feeling worse off than I was when I started. This “gentle” Network Care sounded like it might be the thing for me, even though I felt vaguely suspicious of how such a seemingly magical approach could possibly work!

I don’t remember much about my first actual Network Care session, except possibly laying on the table thinking “is this it?!” as the doctor performed those characteristic light touches along my spine. What I do remember is how I felt walking down the street after my session. I felt this incredible peace and lightness in my body that I couldn’t explain. The sun was shining. I felt like everything inside me slowed down, and my awareness had expanded. I couldn’t explain what was happening, but I knew that whatever this was, I needed more of it. The change in my nervous system was profound, and I was certain that I was becoming a better, upgraded version of myself!

network spinal analysis careLong story short, the care helped me so much, and in so many unexpected ways, that I decided to quit my graduate program and go to chiropractic school so that I could become a Network Care practitioner. I graduated Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia in 2012 and opened New Day in April of 2013.

New Day is more than just the name of the building where I practice. It’s more than just me, and the care I provide. New Day is truly a community made up of the collective energies of some of the most amazing, talented, innovative, and fun people I’ve ever met, all of whom derive life-changing benefits from Network Care—my clients! This healing energy is so powerful that you will begin healing the moment you walk through the door, and continue long after you leave. Our workshops and events for Network Spinal Analysis at New Day amplify the benefits of the care through wellness education and through building a shared culture that supports healing and personal development.

New Day also wouldn’t be what it is without Young Living essential oils and products. Essential oils have been a great help to me in my own healing, so much so that they have been part of New Day since day one. The healing scents of these natural plant essences greet you when you walk in the door and help anchor the healing work we do into your nervous system.

When I am not at New Day, I hope to run into you around the neighborhood! In my spare time I enjoy working out, taking walks, animals, shopping, food and drink, and spending those rare warm sunny days at the beach.

I look forward to serving you at New Day, and seeing you around!

Embrace your new day!

Dr. Katie

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