Communities of disease vs communities of health

Communities of disease vs communities of health

Which ones do you belong to?


Good morning, New Day!

Community.  It’s the highest stage of Donny Epstein’s 12 Stages of Healing– when we are in a simultaneous state of giving and receiving and both energize and light us up equally.

The quality of our communities defines our experience of health and life in so many realms.  When we are in a state of abundant energy and aliveness, we are able to experience our bodies as a community of energized parts that contribute to a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.  When the community of our body is in trouble, we experience aches, pains, disease, illness, and separation.

When we go to a place do we feel both energized and uplifted, AND the simultaneous ability to energize and uplift?  Or do we have a consistent experience of agitation, annoyance, and separation?  Or, do we feel burdened with the feeling that we bring our energy and aliveness, but quickly feel taxed and overburdened through our contributions?

As you may know, the New Day community is one of the greatest, and often most unexpected, benefits of being a New Day practice member.  When you step into the space for your adjustments, attend a workshop or event, etc, you are both accessing a tremendous amount of accumulated energy and wisdom, while simultaneously experiencing yourself as a potential leader and a contribution to others.

There are likely to be points along the way when we access more energy than we add, and on those days, the gift is being able to receive from the generosity of others, and to experience your own fluctuations within the bigger picture of growth.

I receive so much from you, every single day, in energy, aliveness, and wisdom.  It’s a myth, often perpetuated by what I call “the wounded healer type,” that healing practitioners are constantly just giving of themselves to the point of depletion.  Giving, giving, giving, and the world takes.  Giving, giving, giving, until the end of the day or week when we collapse in exhaustion in our tiny cave of a residence, from the heaviness of it all.

This is not my experience!  I take responsibility for the energy I bring, while at the same time welcoming the synchronous contributions of others.

As an example of this, our practice member Kit shared an email with me containing a video link to a talk by Dr. Joe Dispenza on “Programming Your Mind for Remarkable Recovery.”  This is a long talk, but really so amazing and inspiring.  I highly suggest you check it out.

Click here to go to Joe Dispenza’s talk on “Programming Your Mind for Remarkable Recovery”

I had a major “aha!” as I listened, at about minutes 38-45 when unexpectedly he began describing how we contribute (or fail to contribute) to the energy field around us through how our brain and nervous systems are functioning.  He describes the physiology that is needed to “fall in love with the moment” and therefore contribute effortlessly as the magnetic field around your body expands.  We experience ourselves as lighter, as more energy than matter.  THIS is what Donny Epstein is referring to when he talks about moving from being energy poor and energy neutral to “energy rich.”

All this might sound new-agey and futuristic, but I highly suggest you at least give this video a listen minutes 38-45 and see how this energy and information inspires your perspective on the how and why of Network Care, and how you move through your day and the communities you are part of.

Meanwhile, back to my main point– community and the energy field we create together.  In order to provide a time and place for the leaders, creatives, and most energized New Day community members to come together and amplify this experience, I have created a new event called the Bright Souls Gathering.  This gathering is definitely FOR YOU if you 1) Love the care and how it impacts your health and life and 2) Have benefitted noticeably from being part of the New Day Community and 3) Would benefit even more through a gathering with like minded and hearted others to amp up your experience of yourself and others as energy rich.

I am SO EXCITED for these experiences, as having more time with our brightest lights energizes and inspires me immeasurably.

Our first Bright Souls Gathering will be held, weather permitting, at Wells Park (Montrose and Lincoln in Chicago, 1 block from New Day) on Wednesday, August 22nd You will receive more updates about our exact meeting place when you RSVP.  Our initial meeting will be brief, from 6:30-7:30PM, and will include discussion on future gatherings.  A light meal and refreshments will be served.

I take responsibility for the energy I bring to the communities I’m part of, including the New Day community, all the while assessing which communities are the most energizing and putting my resources there.  THANK YOU for choosing to shine so brightly, and lighting up others (such as myself!) to do the same.  Please RSVP to Bright Souls Gathering on your next visit, or by emailing Amber 🙂



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