I started care with Dr. Katie after attending one of her Network dinners with my sister who was already getting care. I was always skeptical of chiropractic care because of how much pain I heard it caused. I had enough pain and didn’t need to add to it. At my first (re)assessment the change in my posture was so drastic, it made a believer out of me. I have been in care for about eight months and it has made a big difference to me. I have constant pain in my back that a lot of times prevents me from doing things I’d like to do. Since being in treatment with Dr. Katie, I can’t say I am pain free, but with her care and the breathing exercises it has been more manageable. Doing the breathing  exercises every day and for a few minutes if I feel pain, the pain seems to disappear even if only for a while.

After my weekly treatment, I drive home with no pain that usually stays away for the rest of the day. I expect to continue improving, if not to totally eliminate it, to make it even more manageable than it is already. I recommend Dr. Katie very highly. She always explains what she is doing, what she sees that may be causing a problem and is always available to answer questions, even through email.  Amber and the staff are all also very helpful and very friendly. They answer questions when possible or follow up with Dr. Katie when necessary if she’s busy.  I would definitely encourage anyone who is thinking about this kind of care to give Dr. Katie and New Day Network a try at least through the first assessment. You might be very pleasantly surprised.

Rose C., Westchester IL

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