Do you work out?

Are you ready to get physically fit in the new year?  Or just up the ante in your workout routine?

Working out is so important (duh!)

We all know that we’re “supposed” to be working out. Sometimes we may approach exercise more consistently than other times.

For me personally, I have been engaged in regular exercise since I was a teenager.  Luckily I have always ascribed to a story that I like working out and am good at it.  Though there have been a couple periods of time in recent years that with running a business I have experienced challenges scheduling my workouts.

With the many different approaches to fitness out there, I feel like I’ve hit a high watermark in recent years when it comes to how I work out and how I relate to exercise is an important and consistent part of my healing regimen.

I find that many practice members, through the process of getting healthier in the spine and nervous system through Network Care, are more ready and excited to work out than ever before.  You’re feeling better in your body, more energized, more connected to what works for you, and less limited by disempowering stories about your abilities and enjoyment of exercise.

To encourage you in this process, we have a special offer for you right now!


comfy fitness logo

Whether you want to start a new workout routine, or get even better, we have a special offer for you!

Comfy Fitness is an individual and small group personal training gym, located just down the street on Damen in Bucktown, with a unique philosophy:

“The ability to be fit and healthy is innately part of each and every one of us – and that the “all or nothing” mentality often promoted by the fitness industry turns a large portion of the population away from living a realistically and comfortably healthy lifestyle. Hear hear to being comfortable in one’s own body!”

Co-owners Carrie Drapac and Kira Elliott lead a team of trainers who specialize in meeting you where you are at and challenging you to your next level of fitness.  New to working out? Overweight? Already fit? Need a challenge? More consistency? Pregnant or post-partum?  Comfy Fitness does it all.

Use this link to read more about Comfy Fitness:

At your next visit, pick up a gift certificate for a FREE initial assessment and training session at Comfy Fitness!

comfy fitness studio picture

I for one cannot wait to get over to Comfy Fitness and add some training into my fitness routine! I will be sure to share my experience with you when I do.

Kira and Carrie, co-owners of Comfy Fitness, also happen to be New Day practice members and they understand the centrality of the health of your spine to your ability to exercise and get healthy.

I am so happy I have finally found a fitness studio I feel philosophically aligned with and excited to recommend to New Day practice members.

Don’t forget to pick up your gift certificate on your next visit to New Day!

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