The Season of Awaken: Level 3 Network Care Workshop

Monday, March 5th from 7-8:30pm

Awaken Level care allows us to introduce the most advanced strategies yet into your body’s energetic systems. This care allows you to show up and contribute in life as the embodiment of your soul’s purpose.

In this workshop we will learn, share, discuss, and experience in the field of Awaken.  Open to any practice member who has been to the Level 1 and Level 2 workshops*.

Come learn why Donny Epstein, creator of Network Care, says that “Awaken MUST be the goal for every practice member, from day one of care.”

RSVP to New Day at 773-340-2225 or by emailing

*Note: Level 1 and 2 Workshops are prerequisites to this workshop. Please RSVP.


Free Business Networking Happy Hour

Wednesday, March 7th

Own a business? Live in the neighborhood? Client at New Day? Or you just like meeting new people? This event is for YOU! Join us for an evening of informal networking at New Day. Wine and light snacks will be served

The event is free, but you must RSVP to New Day at 773 340-2225 or by emailing

Also, if you are able, please bring a bottle of wine to share. We look forward to networking with you!


Intro to Network Care: Level 1 Network Care Workshop

Thursday, March 8th and Monday, March 19th


Ever wonder what Dr. Katie is doing when she’s touching your back and moving your feet? Or have a friend who wants to know more about our care? Or maybe you’d like to learn more before your initial visit or consultation? Join us for a FREE presentation, demonstration and discussion.

Learn what makes our care different from everything else you’ve tried, how tension in the spinal
cord effects how you feel, think, behave, and even how you look, and how we know Network Care works.

Come meet with Dr. Katie, and get your questions answered.

RSVP to New Day at 773 340-2225 or by emailing


“I AM” Spring Healing Intensive at New Day

Sunday, March 25th


Join Dr. Katie and her personal practitioner, Dr. Susan, for an afternoon dedicated to giving you the experiences and tools to thrive through life’s fluctuations with empowering, body-centered strategies.

The power of what we place after our “I am” is immeasurable. But it’s not just a matter of disciplining ourselves to use our words wisely. To create a powerful “I am” we must reclaim the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy that’s been devoted to “I am”ing in ways that don’t serve us or the world, opening ourselves up to a joyful new expression.


***Advanced Registration Required! Please call to register: 773-340-2225 or email Amber: info@newdaynsa .com

Ready to discover the benefits of Network Care for yourself?