How far would I go for Network Care?

How far would I go for Network Care?

Pretty far, apparently!

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Good morning, lovely New Day community!

One of the things I love so much about having workshops at New Day is that they give us the opportunity to know each other better. We are a busy practice, and our regular sessions are designed to get you in, get your nervous system optimized, and get you back into your life.  It isn’t necessarily the time or place for me to chit chat with you!

I’ve always found it interesting that one of the questions I frequently get from practice members at workshops is where I go and who I see for my own care.  “If you’re the only Network chiropractor in Chicago, who sees you?!”

Because of the current situation here in Chicago and the midwest in general, I sometimes need to go to extraordinary measures to get my care.  Which leads me to next week– when New Day will be closed Thursday through Saturday so that I can fly to New York City!

That’s right– I am flying across the country to get the care I need with Dr. Cliff Inkles.  I hope to have a session every day of the trip!

What I know to be true for you, my clients, is true for me as well; care for the nervous system is not a luxury, but a necessity.  If you want to be healthy and have a healthy life, having a healthy spine is not optional.  Our health happens THROUGH our spines and nervous systems of our bodies.  If the software (the neurological programming) isn’t working properly, the hardware (the muscles, bones, and internal organs) won’t either.  The software controls the hardware.

I also know that the results of having a healthy nervous system are priceless.  Every single time I do an initial visit with a new practice member, I think to myself, “If our care helps with even HALF of the things this person wants it to, it will be priceless to them and their family.”  It’s a great privilege to be in a position to help people achieve such life-changing results every single day!

Until we manifest another practitioner for our fair city, it will be necessary for me to take these extraordinary measures for my spine.

Have you taken extraordinary measures for your spine lately?  I know some of you have!  Let us know with a comment below.

And don’t forget to schedule for today, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday before I leave.

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