Feel like you’re falling behind?

Feel like time is going by too fast?

Falling more behind every day?

Struggling to “catch up”?

It’s fall!  And whether we ourselves are going “back to school” or not, the busy energy of the season is upon us.  If you’ve felt an uptick lately, you’re not alone.

This can also be a time when it becomes a struggle to meet expectations, those we put on ourselves and those coming from others.

Do you wake up feeling like you’re falling further and further behind?  Is your brain buzzing with an ever-lengthening to-do list? Do you feel “over-stimulated”?

The hidden cause: Nervous system “over drive.”

If any of the above sounds like you, you may be experiencing nervous system over drive.  It may be true that there is much to do these days, but for you to get any of it done, let alone feel happy in the process, you need to be able to work smarter, not harder.

When our brain and nervous system are in an over drive mode, our thoughts are racing, and our activity level is feverish.  In some ways we feel productive, but mostly we’re falling behind.  How is it possible to work harder and harder with less and less output?

Higher brain functions that allow us to see the big picture, strategize over the long term, and make decisions that are in integrity with our true desires take a back seat to survival-based ways of thinking and acting.

The solution: Get “Energy Rich” and reclaim your sanity!

When we’re functioning in nervous system over drive, our energies become depleted.  It feels like we barely have enough to maintain, let alone get ahead.

When we have an abundance of energy available in our bodies, we get into an “energy rich” state where we tend toward working smarter, setting better priorities, being more focused, and adding value to those around us.  Our higher brain once again gets into the drivers seat.

For the ultimate experience of getting into an energy rich state, register NOW for our New Day, New YOU Healing Intensive.

Join us Sunday, November 8th,  

12PM-6PM f

or a day of healing, transformation, and community!

Your investment in self will include:

3 sessions of Network Care from Dr. Katie and/or Dr. Danny

3 energizing group Somato Respiratory Integration sessions

Essential Oils


And more!

How can you be sure you’re in overdrive?

If you find yourself thinking, “How can I take 6 hours out of my busy life for a healing intesive?!” you can be sure that your nervous system needs more energy, stat!

It’s understandable that you may be having a hard time with the concept that taking 6 hours out for yourself, to up your energetic ante, is going to help you perform better and be happier doing it.  What if you just woke up an hour earlier every day? What if you just stopped wasting time on Facebook, or with other distractions?  Wouldn’t that do the trick?

Remember, it’s about working smarter, not harder. You’ll be far better able to work smarter if you are energetically prepared to do so.  Otherwise, you will just be working within the (limited) energetic parameters you have available. If you’ve already been spending more and more time working without the results you are looking for, more time spent working is not the solution.  

You need to refuel!  The world needs you at 200 percent right now!  

Early registration price $147 before 10/25

We are only offering our early registration price for 5 more days, to give you a reason to commit to an energy rich you NOW.  And we’ve made it even easier for your “busy” self to register.  You can call New Day OR register with the below Eventbrite link.

Click here to register:


OR call 773 340-2225

We can’t wait to work with you November 8th!

Dr. Katie Ray, and Dr. Danny Kotur

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