Do you know how amazing it feels to take a really deep breath? That energy, that clear, joyful feeling is how I’d describe the effects of Dr. Katie’s care at New Day Network Wellness Center.

After only a few short weeks of light touch adjustments, I’m feeling so physically, mentally, and emotionally well that I can’t believe I was living any other way. I am a highly sensitive person and since childhood have been riddled with anxiety around things I cannot control. This caused an abundance of stress to build in my body and I’ve experienced physical tension, pain, and headaches regularly since my early teens. I sought Dr. Katie’s help because I was looking to eradicate these feelings of stress & anxiety that were really interfering with my quality of life. I felt like my body was consistently operating in “fight or flight” mode. I was scared & frustrated a lot.

Network Chiropractic has helped me to feel like a happy, whole person for the first time in my adult life. Not only has my daily tension and pain subsided, but I feel like a sense of calm and clarity is rushing through my mind and body now. I can take deep breaths. I no longer feel as upset by things like nightmare traffic or the unpredictable actions of other people. I’m not as disturbed by those things in life I just can’t control. I feel capable, confident, and I never thought I’d say this, but my patience feels so much more abundant. New Day is an oasis in Chicago and Dr. Katie’s care has changed my life this summer. Give it a try. It can change yours, too!

Elizabeth H., Chicago

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