Getting Started

Where is New Day? Is there parking and public transportation?

New Day Network Wellness Center is located on the north side of Chicago at 4308 N Lincoln Avenue, near the intersection of Cullom and Lincoln, 2 blocks south of Montrose Avenue. There is metered street parking on Lincoln Avenue, as well as some non­permit free parking in the surrounding neighborhood.

What is the free consultation?

The free consultation includes just that—the consultation. That is where we spend 15–20 minutes talking about your concerns and desire for change (in your body and your life), and your desire for some type of solution.

Based on your situation, I will talk a bit about if and how I think Network Care care could help you, making my best guess without having done an examination of your spine. I may also recommend you to someone who I think can more effectively address your concerns and needs. I will not be able to make any definitive recommendations without doing an initial visit, because I will not have done a spinal exam with you.

What’s included in the initial visit?

The initial visit begins with a consultation based on your concerns and a desire for change. If we agree that it would be beneficial to proceed to the exam, I will perform an sEMG test (surface electro myography), posture analysis, and palpation (feeling your bones, joints, and muscles with my hands). All of these methods together help us understand the state of the health of your nervous system. At the end of your initial visit, if I think it would be beneficial I will do a session of Network Care with you.

At a separate visit I will give you a follow up report based on what I find in your initial visit. A second session of care is not included in the price of the initial visit.

How long is the first visit? How long is a typical visit?

Allow 90 minutes for the initial visit. Allow 30 minutes for a regular visit.

How long does it take to get better?

As you might guess, it depends on the person. Think of how long it took you to become the way you are today. It is unrealistic to expect a few visits to completely reverse processes that may have been years in the making. Even if you don’t feel completely “better” right away, you will most likely feel like something fundamental is changing in your feeling in your body. Some feel their posture change almost immediately. Some feel less tense. Some feel more peaceful and focused. There will be something to let you know that deeper changes are happening in the body.

I have tried numerous other therapies and techniques without progress. Could Network Care help?

Yes. It may be that there is an underlying issue with patterns of tension in your nervous system that affect the way your body responds to stress. If this is a problem for you and it hasn’t been addressed, these underlying patterns of tension may be affecting things. Network Care works specifically to help your brain find, release, and reorganize these limiting ways of feeling and being so that you can heal.

I still have pain after my first visit. Does that mean the treatment didn’t work?

A person might feel better after their first visit. They might also feel the same. They also might feel aches and pains in a new way, almost making it seem as though the pain is getting worse. You are not getting worse. What is actually happening is that your brain is becoming more aware of where problems are. The awareness is going to be a big part of what helps you heal going forward. Breathe and remember that getting healthier is a process, not an event 🙂

I don’t have any pain and am a generally happy person. Can this still help me?

YES. This is a great place to start in care! When Donny Epstein created Network Care he created different levels of care to help evolve you to the next level in your life no matter where you are starting out. It’s great to not have pain and be happy, but there is still probably something (or somethings) that could be optimized and lead to greater success, fulfillment, and excitement. Is your body actively generating feelings of energy and wellness that helps you in life? Could you get a better night’s sleep? Run a faster mile? Make a bigger difference in the world? At your initial visit we can discuss any potential frontiers for improvement in your life, and whether anything I find in your spine or nervous system might be limiting your potential.

Will I have to come in for the rest of my life just to maintain my results?

As long as you are in Network Care, we are working toward your continued evolution. Evolution is much different than maintenance—which implies that you have attained a maximal level of improvement. Donny Epstein coined the term Reorganizational Healing as the paradigm that describes the process and outcomes of our results in Network Care and Somato Respiratory Integration. To reorganize inherently means to take you into the future with new strategies, structures, behaviors, and perceptions to serve you better. Whereas to maintain inherently means the best you can do in the future is how you are right now.

As far as coming in for the rest of your life goes, only if you want to! 🙂 It is likely that given the benefits you receive from our work together and given stressful nature of the world we live in that you will choose to continue some form of wellness care in the future.

Why would a baby or child need Network Care?

Just like adults, your baby or child has experienced stresses that may have limited her or her capacity to grow and thrive (in the body and life). These stresses can begin in the womb and can include childbirth, early childhood accidents, injuries, and exposures to chemicals. If your child’s nervous system needs attention, such early, unhealed stresses can manifest as postural issues, difficulty turning the head to one side, emotional disturbances, and ear infections, just to name a few. Network Care helps to naturally re­set your child’s nervous system so that he or she can grow and thrive on a solid foundation.

Also just like adults, your child may not exhibit any of these signs, and seem relatively happy and healthy. Absence of an obvious problem does not necessarily mean that his or her spine does not need to be addressed.