When I met Katie, this was the first I’d heard of the type of chiropractic she provides. As someone used to hearing pops as a sign of “success”, I must admit I was a bit skeptical. But I loved her message, her welcoming disposition and clear level of expertise. After a muscle pull while teaching a fitness class, I called her promptly, and she got me in as quickly as possible. I noticed a difference immediately, and made time to see her on several more occasions. Before seeing Katie, I was concerned as I exercised that my injury would reappear in an unexpected moment. Since seeing Katie, this has not been a problem. As well, I simply feel more aligned, and a sense of peace during and after every session with her.

Katie spends the time to hear about your concerns, understand your pain, impact on daily activities, and work with you in a personalized, caring fashion. I highly recommend Katie’s work. Whether you are used to traditional chiropractic or have not yet experienced an adjustment of any kind, Katie’s expertise, gentle touch and personalized care will no doubt bring you greater well being, posture, and peace.

–Sue K, Chicago IL

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