Originally met Dr. Katie Ray at a neighborhood business networking event she hosted – and through a series of events (being new to the neighborhood; my original chiropractor being too far away; and, me falling down stairs and hurting myself), decided to try her more gentle version of chiropractic care, which bears more resemblance to acupressure or acupuncture (without the needles) than the usual chiro care I’d become accustomed (and loved).

Have to admit, I tend to be a skeptic about new health care methodologies – especially when they seem too “easy” – but after suffering for over a week with a bruised tailbone and stiff hip/back from the fall, within a few hours of the treatment from Dr. Ray, was almost pain free. Her expert approach – taking a great history; learning about my own health care/life goals and therapeutic touch with follow-up measurement won me over as much as the outcome of the initial care. Have since seen her semi-regularly and have much more flexibility and energy than before – which helps me towards my goals of improving my health (losing weight through more activity to become overall healthier).

Additionally, she is “community” oriented – hosts regular events for those interested in connecting with other clients, as well as their friends. Have made many friends and new business contacts. The Dr. is a lovely person, as is her staff and the facility a calm, relaxing place for care.

Do your body a favor and check out Dr. Katie Ray and the New Day Network Wellness Center!

Cassie D. Chicago

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