have you hit your “maximal improvement”?

What’s your
“maximal improvement”?

Network Care helps you get healthy, stay healthy, and
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I recently had an initial visit with a new practice member at New Day who came to us having already had over a year of Network Care. Now, having moved to Chicago to take a promotion with her company, she was excited about resuming the care she loves.

When I asked this outgoing, professional young woman how Network Care has helped her so far, she didn’t hesitate to rattle off a long list of benefits.

“It’s helped me emotionally. It helps me think more clearly.  It helps me have more energy.  When I started care I didn’t know what I was doing with my career and I was unhappy with it, and now I love my career. I sleep better.  I feel more peace and gratitude even though I’m extremely busy.”


When I attended the Transformational Gate recently in Colorado, Dr. Donald Epstein, creator of Network Care, addressed the topic of his own care.

“I’ve gone without care for 12 days before. Twice.  It made me understand why people are on drugs!” Said Donny, to the great amusement of the audience.

These (meant to be humerous) comments, as well as my experience with thenew practice member above, are great reminders that our neurology– the way that we experience life and our bodies through our nerves and brain– is vastly different when we are receiving care.

Research on chiropractic adjustments and brain function, using EEG, has shown that our brains function better when we are getting care. Our brains and bodies literally cannot function at their highest level without chiropractic care for the spine and nervous system.  It’s that simple.


In the world of the insurance industry, chiropractic is usually only considered warranted for back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, (etc), and that’s it.

Consider that an insurance company providing a chiropractic benefit will typically only do so for a pain condition.  They don’t have “diagnosis codes” for how care has helped us in our lives, emotionally, mentally, in our relationships, at our jobs, and spiritually.

“Maximum medical improvement” is generally considered to be when pain goes away, and potentially when a very basic measure of “function” is restored. Once we’re “restored” that’s generally considered the best that can be done. There’s no room in this model for continuous growth, evolution, and improvement. In other words, a “return to ‘fine’.”

Network Care helps you evolve through life.  Not despite your challenges, but because of them.  And like all forms of chiropractic care, it has been shown to be a cost effective alternative to symptom-based treatments.

Intersted in learning more about the cost effectiveness of chiropractic care, and making our health care dollars go further?

Join us for our March New Day Community Dinner!


At our Community Dinner, we welcome New Day practice members, family,  friends, and neighbors to join us for a night of education, delicious food, and community!

We will be raffling off a gift certificate for a 1-hour massage with
Heather Fraelick, LMT!

Attendees are encouraged to bring up to 3 adult guests

You will receive additional raffle entries for each guest you bring!

Dinner talk topic: “Making the Most out of your Healthcare Dollars

The New Day Community Dinner will take place

Wednesday, March 23rd at 6PM
Fork Restaurant
4600 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago

Event cost: $20 OR FREE when you bring 1+ adult guests!
RSVP required
Call 773 340-2225 or email

We look forward to seeing you then!

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