How has this helped me personally? My testimonial

How has BEMER helped me personally?

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Check out my testimonial!

Great morning, New Day!

As you’ve been hearing and reading over the past few weeks, we are introducing a new addition to New Day, something with an amazing capacity to assist you in your health, energy, and aliveness.  Starting at the end of this week, you will be able to try BEMER for yourself.

What I have not shared specifically, up until now, is my own personal testimonial for this medical device that increases the blood circulation through the blood vessels by up to 30 percent.

Do you remember this past summer when I went to the Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” event (with several others in the New Day community including our own Diana Z!)? You may also remember, or maybe not because I wasn’t telling everyone, that I burned my foot doing the fire walk on the first night of the event.

A week later, the blister broke and I was in a world of pain and problems for the next 2 months.  The burn was right on the arch of my foot, making it difficult to heal due to my standing all day for work as a chiropractor.  During about a month of this, I was unable to work out almost at all, and when I did begin working out again I experienced new problems due to the compensations I was making in my gait.

Foot problems, in general, were not new to me.  In fact, leg and feet aching and tiredness have been an on and off part of my experience over the years, much more so now that my job as a chiropractor has me standing and leaning over people all day.  These ongoing problems, especially combined with my limited access to Network Spinal care on a consistent basis, helped create bunions on my feet about 9 months ago.  By the time I was dealing with this burn, it felt like I was in a downward spiral of bad foot and leg karma!

Of the approaches to healing I used during those months (Network Spinal, Biofield Tuning, western medicine and antibiotics, Aline insoles, hypnotherapy, massage, acupuncture, myofacial release, and reflexology), all of which had a part to play in my healing, I’m sure, I am certain that BEMER contributed the most to turning the tide on my injury healing.  And that was after using it just once, y’all!

After that initial use, I was able to feel the effects for the rest of the night, with my legs feeling lighter and more energized.  But by the end of the day, I was back to experiencing pain, which was at this point in both my heels and achilles tendons.

Despite this feeling that had me thinking “well, I guess the effects wore off already,” I woke up the next morning and was amazed to find that my legs and feet felt calm, less inflamed, and more nourished and rested.  I knew then and there that I would need to find out more about this machine, and hopefully buy one for the practice!

Now that I have had the BEMER for about 3 weeks and I’ve been using it regularly, I can tell you that my legs and feet have continued to feel rested, ease-ful, and energized.  In addition, my sleep has been even better than it was previously, where I am able to sleep later more often and start my day feeling more rested.

There’s no doubt in my mind that use of BEMER, whether it’s once, once a week, or as frequently as I am currently using it, can add serious value to your health and life, and is the perfect adjunct to Network Spinal at New Day.

If you wish to learn more about BEMER and try it for free, please come to our informational event this Wednesday night, November 7th, at 6PM at New Day in Chicago. When you come in for your adjustments this week you will also learn about how you can pay for a single or multiple BEMER sessions.

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