After a serious biking accident and totaling my car all in a week’s time, I decided it was time to start shopping around for a chiropractor. Being that I am a personal trainer, I already had a couple on my radar. Dr. Katie was the third I trialed. I was both skeptical and curious about her practice. The curiosity won over the skepticism, because after two sessions, I decided to buy the whole package! I wasn’t sure it worked, but I knew that I walked out of her office both times seeing the world in a different way. Btw, I am broke as hell, and Dr. Katie graciously worked out a payment system that would work for me!

As for concrete results, the extremely irritating burning I’d experience in my shoulders and neck as a result of those accidents are virtually gone. and only return when I feel under extreme stress. I have incredible awareness of my posture – even more than before even as a functional trainer! I sleep and drink water – I know this sounds strange, but I never realized that I was out of touch with my body’s cueing for basic needs. And most of all, I really, REALLY look forward to days that I am having treatment because I know the rest of my day will be filled with joy and abundant amounts of gratitude. I can’t describe it. I am about to start crying with joy even as I sit here and write about it.

What I LOVE about Dr. Katie’s practice is her emphasis on education. She has a series of educational evenings that are free where she teaches what is actually going on in the body as you move through the different phases of her practice. It’s one thing to be treated, and it’s quite another to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind what she is doing…especially considering how ‘froo-froo’ the whole thing seems. How can a series of light touching actually adjust anything? It’s pretty miraculous and has even has me considering learning this method of healing.

I am so thankful for having found New Day and Dr. Katie, and so grateful to my body for being such an open vessel.

Kira E., Chicago, IL

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