I discovered Dr Katie and NSA while at a shop where she was giving short demonstrations of NSA. Dr Kate explained to me that it is gentle touch chiropractic work. She was warm and inviting and I’m always interested in trying something new so I had a short session with her. Just after a few minutes of NSA I felt relaxed and more in tune with my body. So I signed up for the NSA overall assessment and start on my journey to being pain free.

I had chronic shoulder/upper back pain. I tried other methods of healing and basically decided I’d have to live with this constant dull pain. After a few visits with Dr Kate the pain had lessen & I was feeling better. I now have easy movement in my shoulders/upper back and neck. I also feel better in my body. I walk with greater sense of ease and feel lighter. The big bonus is I feel happier & more at peace! I actually feel less stressed out!

Dr Katie is a loving soul with a gentle touch and has a deep understanding of NSA and is committed to great health. She incorporates essential oils in her work as well, which adds another level of healing.

I’m looking forward to more sessions with Dr Katie as now my posture is starting to improve. I see a future for myself with a healthy body and a happier life that is pain free!

Julie S., Chicago

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