I had never heard of network care until a friend had highly recommended it. My issues were more emotional than physical, so how could a chiropractor help me? I was curious about it because it deals with moving energy through the body using ‘light touch.’ I decided to give it a try.

After my initial appointment with Dr. Katie, I walked out feeling lighter, everything appeared clearer. I giddily thought, maybe this is doing something? After my second appointment, I felt achy and tired the rest of the day and I knew the ‘light touch’ was working. I noticed that my body popped and cracked naturally as I moved, not through force of a typical chiropractor.

Over the past year, as I’ve received care, I have been through ups and downs as layers of emotional stress have been peeled away. And when that stress shows up in my body, I no longer feel it after a session. My perception has changed and I’ve had many insights. I’ve learned to focus on what’s working in my life rather than what needs to be fixed. It has opened me up to creative ideas in my business and helped me to make better decisions. I am more optimistic about the future.

Dr. Katie brings people together for events and I truly feel the support of the community. She is engaged in educating her clientele about network care and is committed to sharing her knowledge. It still surprises me when, after a session, she’ll mention what she was working on and it will be exactly the same intuitive hit I’ll get during the session. We’re in sync.

This is not a quick. If you’re looking to partner with someone on a healing journey, I highly recommend Dr. Katie at New Day.

Lisa P., Chicago

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