“I should be past this!”

“I should be past this!”


Do you ever feel frustrated that after all this time “the same problem” keeps coming up?


Good afternoon, New Day lovelies!

Whether you’ve been in care for your spine and nervous system at New Day for years, or are brand new to the game, it probably won’t surprise you that an experience of being “stuck,” or “still” working on the same issues, can be one of the most dreaded (and important) experiences in our healing.

Some of us would rather jump from program to program, doctor to doctor, healer to healer, modality to modality– anything to keep us from pausing to face the fact that some fundamental aspect of our experience remains unchanged.

We have a lot of judgements about “stuckness.”

  • “This means this isn’t working”
  • “This means I’m not getting better.”
  • “This means there’s something wrong with me.”
  • “This SHOULDN’T be happening.”

Sound familiar?  No matter how much improvement or transformation we may have experienced, if If we’re honest with ourselves we probably have some baggage around something that “still” hasn’t changed.

Because this is bound to be a fruitful and juicy topic for so many of us, I am thrilled to announce my next Healing Intensive, co-lead by Dr. Susan Gullion.  “Discovering with Grace.”


Join Dr. Katie and Dr. Susan Gullion on Sunday, June 2nd from 12-5PM.  Dr. Susan will draw on her 30+ years of experience of being mentored and trained by Donny Epstein for a powerful afternoon of experiencing.  Leave with greater self awareness and tools to direct you during your adjustments, and in your life outside of New Day.

This afternoon of awakening, experiencing, and community includes:

  • 2 Network Spinal adjustments
  • Somato Respiratory Integration breath work
  • Personal attention and guidance
  • Discovery, Transformation, and Awakening!
  • Self love
  • Community
  • Healthy food and refreshments

Not sure if this intensive is for you?  Here’s how you can decide:

Do you . . .

. . . identify on some level with a feeling of stuckness or lack of progress physically or in life?

. . . love New Day, Network Spinal, and would be excited about working with a master like Dr. Susan?

. . . find that when you recognize an opportunity and take a leap, you are always rewarded?

If any or all of these are true for you, I urge you to take the opportunity NOW to register for the intensive!

Dr. Susan Gullion, DC


Here are what some of our recent Healing Intensive participants had to share about this experience:

“Love yourself and your journey enough to say yes to this! At one point during the intensive, I thought to myself, ‘Oh, I almost said no to this. I almost missed this!’ You’ll never regret the healing that will happen.”

“The impact for me was that I was able to let go and cry in front of everyone. It’s always been hard for me to share personal things about me even to my closest friends. To me that was a BIG breakthrough. After it happened it it was hard to believe for me, that I really let go and cried.”

“Do it! A healing intensive is a great way to concentrate on you and what you need.”

This opportunity is only available to a small number of practice members.  Don’t miss out!  CLICK HERE to email our office and reserve your spot before it’s too late!

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