If I could give Dr. Katie and NEW DAY 10 stars, I would! This is not a standard, chiropractic experience with rough cracking of your neck and back, etc. The care addresses whatever issues you may be having at a much deeper level.

1) I learned that the care is aimed at keeping your body’s cells in a more consistent state of growth (cells are either in a state of growth or a state of defense). We need that defense in the right moments but if you are living in “defense mode” or “emergency mode” for too long, this can make you lose bone density, muscle mass and can break down your immune system (as well as other unpleasant effects!) No bueno, right?

2) I respect and appreciate Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins, greatly. They both swear by network care (talk about validation 🙂

3) I can’t even believe how much stress and negativity I have let go of in just a matter of weeks of receiving this care. I sleep better now and have a more positive outlook in general. Not to mention I can already see the positive difference it has made in my posture!

If you are used to being cracked, paying your fee, feeling “kind of better” but then going back to your uncomfortable state and then… “rinse/repeat” this will be a radically new experience. If you are clued into homeopathy, I would venture to say that it is similar; it actually goes to the root of the issues to neutralize them and allow you to grow stronger as opposed to the “band-aid” and placebo effects of a lot of AMA and standard chiro practices.

It takes bravery to want to be better in all aspects of life and I know in my heart that network care and Dr. Katie will remain a big part of my personal growth from now on. I can’t sing enough praise to do it all justice, but I HIGHLY recommend the services! Happy day to you 🙂

Jeremy G., Chicago

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