Introducing our Practice Member of the Month for October 2018!

We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!


We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!

Brigitte C. has been in care with Dr. Katie since April 2018



Why I came to New Day:  

My friend Sonja told me about New Day over a year ago – but back then I was not ready to try something “extraordinary.” She told me about her experience at New Day describing it as “group healing” with “lots of emotions and tears,” and that was nothing I could envision for myself. Being emotional around others/strangers is tough for me. However, earlier this year, Sonja visited us and again mentioned Dr. Katie to me and how Network Care (NSA) had worked wonders for her.

At that point, my anxiety was at an all-time high and my overall well-being was at a low point. I was having vertigo that affected my daily life and I constantly felt like something bad was about to happen. I was in fight or flight 24 hours a day, seven days a week! It was at that time that I decided I was ready to do whatever it took to make myself better again – even if it meant crying in public and totally losing it.


My chiropractic results:

I feel like not only can I breathe easy again, I feel way taller, more straight in my posture, and less “burdened.”  My fear of disaster is more under control – and I feel like I enjoy life more!


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie:

I want to continue my journey with Dr. Katie as long as I can as I feel there is still more potential for growth, both physically and emotionally.

When I think about how Network Care has added value in my life, or in my business I realize that I have learned a lot about myself and where I am standing in my own way. I also understand now how accepting things, and inviting them in to be can be liberating. I work on letting go more often, and am not always trying to keep everything together. “It is what it is” – that’s my new mantra.

– Brigitte C., Chicago, IL




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