Introducing out Practice Member of the Month – August 2018!

We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!

We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!

Anabella D. has been in care with Dr. Katie since May 2018


Why I came to New Day:  

Prior to knowing anything about Network Care (NSA) I had been meditating and have been praying for healing. I was experiencing anxiety and stress, and pain in my body was keeping me from taking action. I was experiencing a sprained ankle and knee pain from 2 years ago, was an insomniac and then started getting headaches, neck pain, and wrist pain. I got massages and acupuncture but it didn’t make any of the pain go away. I was told by a reiki healer that the wrist pain symbolized I was holding onto something and my massage therapist said that the energy in my heart area was depleted. I had no idea how I was supposed to get in there to fix those things, but I continued to set my intention and trust that I will find my answer.


Not long after, my friend reminded me about Bodhi Spiritual Center and it turned out that they were having their healing arts fair the day I went for services. Prior to that day, the idea of chiropractic care kept popping up in my head. When I attended the fair, I had no idea there would be a chiropractor there, but I saw a beautiful painting of angels on one of the tables from across the room and I was just drawn to it. Low and behold, it was the New Day table and Dr. Katie was offering demonstrations for NSA. I signed up, got on the table and Dr. Katie did her thing. I had no idea what was happening, but as soon as I tried to get up, something triggered this sharp radiating pain on my lower back and suddenly I felt fear, panic, and helplessness. Dr. Katie guided me in my breathing and her gentleness calmed me and when she touched my back, I felt this sensation spread throughout my back and the pain dissolved. It brought me to tears and in that moment I knew she was the one to trust in my healing.


My chiropractic results:

Since starting care in May 2018, I feel like so much has happened. I can’t believe it’s only been 2 months but the care and healing I have experienced is multidimensional. The immediate results I received was being able to sleep through the night, headaches went away, feeling relaxed, having extra energy throughout the day and just feeling happy. The pain in my neck went away after a few sessions and I feel like I have more range of motion and I breathe deeper like there is a sense of expansion in my body. Being in a relaxed state gave me an opportunity to acknowledge uncomfortable things that were coming up instead of ignoring it. I was able to confront difficult thoughts and feelings about myself and the situations I was trying to avoid. In doing this I was able to really reflect on past traumas that manifested in my knee pain, and the sprained ankle that had been swollen for 2 years is now back to its normal size!


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie:

There is so much to talk about with the endless possibilities I see in Network Care. It is a game changer, especially if you believe that we are all energy vibrating in different frequencies. Because I believe that we are all connected and we attract what energy we send out, I can see how Network Care (NSA) is a powerful tool to help me align my energy with what I am wanting out of life.


Dr. Katie makes it easy for me to release conscious and unconscious resistance, she wakes up aspects of me that I had forgotten or neglected. When there is no resistance it is easier to tune my frequency with what I’m wanting.  My choices become more deliberate and I feel like I am the creator of my own reality. I am better able to maneuver through life and it’s hardships and I know that pain is not something I just want to numb but I approach it now as an opportunity to discover something about myself and how I can become more in tune with what is happening in my body. My internal and external world has begun to intersect and I am more open to allowing abundance to flow, I am more aware of the magical and beautiful things that happen, and I can’t help but be grateful. Dr. Katie is able to bridge the gap between the physical and the metaphysical and gives me the key to open up my world to whole new way of living. I know I still have more to uncover and learn and I am loving this process. Life has become a lot more interesting.


Why did you encourage your daughter to receive Network Care at New Day?

My daughter has been experiencing pain on her knees, headaches, and low energy. With the results I’ve experienced I know she will benefit from the alignment she will receive. She just turned 10 which means a whole new developmental stage. I would like for her to have a great foundation in her growth, and I trust that this care will help her be more resilient and courageous.


– Anabella D., Chicago, IL



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