Introducing our Practice Member of the Month – March 2017

We are so grateful for who you are, the progress that you continue to make,

and the commitment you have made to your spinal health and wellness.

You are making the world a better place!

We honor you this month and thank you for being part of our New Day community!

Jessica L has been in care with Dr. Katie since December 2016

Why I came to New Day:  

I had received Network Care while in graduate school in Massachusetts and loved it! When I began there I had never received regular chiropractic care – but I realize that this type of chiropractic integrated more than just adjusting my spine. That practice brought in elements of reiki, chiropractic, and breath work. It was easy for me to connect this type of care with my meditation and yoga practice – two very important self-care practices for myself.

When I moved back to Chicago after graduate school, I decided it was time to reconnect to the care that was so helpful for me during my studies. I had just started an amazing, but extremely stressful job – and I wanted to ground myself back into everything I knew I needed to feel whole – my yoga, meditation and Network Care. This system had worked then, and I knew it would be beneficial again for me.

New Day offers me the ability to commune with people, tapping into self-healing and opportunities for my body to develop and heal on a deeper level. In between connecting with my body-based therapist, this care has helped me reorient myself with the healing opportunity for my body to be approached from all angles – converging on energy and connectedness!


My chiropractic results:

Physically, I am more aware that now I shift my weight on my hips to the right side of my body. I know that this shifting of my body is both emotionally and spiritually showing up a lot for me right now. While I realize I may have been doing this to/with my body for years, I now feel the pain and discomfort of this habit and I want to shift back to better, more centered posturing. I continue to understand my need for and ability to create balance and grounding through this care.

Recently, I have felt this particular muscle pain in my right shoulder blade (trapezius muscle) that has shown up in yoga practice sporadically. I see this physical pain as a communication of something deeper. I know that this care will help me with releasing and lifting this emotionally and spiritually. I have not noticed differences in regards to long standing endocrine issues, but I suspect that will come over time as those are deeply rooted issues.


Why I continue my care with Dr. Katie:

I am continuing care with Dr. Katie because it works – I can sense how my body is responding to the care and it continues to support me as I move towards my own self-healing capacities. The very issues I work on in therapy, yoga, and meditation have also shown themselves in my sessions with Dr. Katie. It’s nice to have that mirrored back to you through the body, as if it’s saying “yup, you are on the right track – move towards that!” I think it’s important to have healing work that can be done alone, but also healing work that occurs through a relationship with another person; NSA offers healing through and with relationships via its community model, our relationships with Dr. Katie, and the group workshops!


– Jessica L., Chicago, IL



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