“Is my pain coming back?” Re-Tracing and the Healing Process

Is pain always bad?  Pain is often what brings people to New Day and any office dedicated to health and healing.  Pain is a powerful signal from the body that something is out of balance, needs changing, or needs attention in the body and life. Therefore pain isn’t bad, it’s useful.  It gives us information so that we can make different choices.

What about pain after you’re already in care?  It is very common that in the first months of New Day care, a person may re-experience some pain, tension, or soreness from past injuries or emotional trauma.

We welcome this as part of the healing process, because it actually means 1) your brain and body are better connected and you are more aware of the signals your body is giving you and 2) your body has become healthy enough to pick up the healing process for these old injuries and traumas.

Healing takes energy.  When some of the strain and tension in the nervous system is released, that frees up energy to resume previously abandoned healing processes.I’ll give you an analogy from my previous life as a housekeeper.  Have you ever begun a major cleaning project in your home, such as re-organizing your bedroom closet, and not had the time and energy to finish?  The project sits, half done, and in the meantime, all kinds of other clutter is getting piled up all around.  Now even if you had time to resume the project, you couldn’t do it until you did some laundry, vacuuming, and straightening so that you can actually focus on what you need to do.  And so it is with your body!

I look forward to hearing your experiences with re-tracing on your next visit.

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