It’s so hard to say goodbye! A fond farewell to some of New Day’s brightest lights 

It’s so hard to say goodbye!

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A fond farewell to some of New Day’s brightest lights 


Good morning, New Day!

It’s something I never really thought about when I first opened New Day.  Call me naive.

But somehow I just thought that once I started taking care of someone, and Network Spinal became an important part of how they take care of their health, energy, and aliveness, that we’d just be in each other’s lives forever.  Yes, changing and growing together.  But more or less “happily ever after.”

If you remember several months ago when we were installing our special wall in the adjusting room to honor the practice members who have been in care at New Day for 3 years or more, the question arose: “Why aren’t there more practice members who’ve been here for that long?”

There’s one very real reason– people move away!

And even though it can be bittersweet for us, this is actually a very happy and inspiring thing.  That through the care and the way our practice members are choosing to live that they can so often make the choice that they need to make so that their lives can be even better.

Starting this spring and through until now, we have had a large number of our brightest leave for greener pastures. Here, we say a special goodbye and bless you in your future life!

(In no particular order) goodbye Midge W, Jenna and Violet G and family, David W, Jen H, Karl B, Mark C, Katie C, Stacy and Lisa P, Meredith G, Susanne S, and Joe P.

Sending blessings to you in the next chapter of your life, and hoping that you keep in touch and visit us when you’re in town.

We hope that you continue your care, and light up those practices and communities that you will be a part of.

Shine on <3

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