Left side, right side. Good side, bad side? What’s wrong with me, anyway?

Left side, right side.

Good side, bad side?

What’s wrong with me, anyway?

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Brightness and light to you, New Day! ¬†Thanks for opening ūüôā

Left side, right side.  Good side, bad side?  Sounds like a Dr. Seuss verse, right?

I want to discuss a topic I get asked about often, both as practice members are new starting care, as well as at all different points along the journey that is choosing chiropractic care as a lifetime, wellness supporting routine.

“My left side is always the problem!”

“IT’S my right shoulder!”

“But I thought my left leg is short and the problems are on the left!”

“It’s ALWAYS my right ankle.”

“Normally my right side is my bad side, but now it’s my left?! ¬†What’s wrong with me now?!”

Any of these ever sound like you? ¬†Do you ever feel like you can’t rest until you figure out the answers to these questions? ¬†If so, read on!

Focusing on what’s wrong and wanting to fix it can be a major step forward from a place of feeling confused, disempowered, or helpless in our bodies or life experience.

When I sit down with new¬†practice members at their initial visit and follow up visit, looking at what’s wrong and where it’s showing up is a big part of what we do. ¬†We look at your¬†posture and may see the neck is forward of the shoulders. ¬†We look at the Myovision scan and see areas of high tension and places where tension is too low. ¬†We look at my exam findings and see that the spine may have¬†misalignments interrupting the flow of information between the brain and the body.

And so you may come away thinking, “just fix that bad neck, bad tense muscles on the left, and bad bones that are misaligned, and I’ll be good to go!”

But make no mistake, we aren’t “fixing” the body part that’s being bad, out of alignment, tense, etc. ¬†“The problem” is bigger than a “bad” body part, side of the body, limb, etc. ¬†The problem¬†is in¬†how your nerves are functioning, and we are seeing an example of that problem in the difficulty your nervous system is having relating you your right side and your left side, for example, or in coordinating your “good” shoulder with¬†your “bad shoulder,” (etc.).

The problem¬†is happening EVERYWHERE. ¬†It’s limiting how your body is functioning in the organs and tissues, in the muscle tension, in the posture, in the emotions, in the thoughts, and in the way of relating to life.

“But wait a minute. ¬†I just thought my problem was in my arm, and now you’re telling me it’s, in essence, everywhere? ¬†How is that supposed to cheer me up?!”

There is good news! ¬†The good news is that if the functionality of the nerves –the way that your brain and body coordinate and work together–¬†is the problem and it’s everywhere, then that means that THE SOLUTION IS EVERYWHERE TOO. ¬†Say, “woo-hoo!!”

With chiropractic, and specifically with Network Care, we aren’t fixing the part, but rather¬†we are optimizing the relationship between the parts. ¬†And this is why you get to feel the benefits of the work I do with you not just in your bad or painful area, but throughout your body and life experience. ¬†Chiropractic care is the safe, sensible, effective choice in a world where fixing what’s “wrong” and the parts of us that we think are faulty or bad, leads us down a never-ending path of needing more practitioners, specialists, fixes, answers, and interventions.

Chiropractic unlocks the body’s innate ability to heal through the nervous system, and is here to remind us that we are so much bigger, brighter, and more powerful than the pain or limitations we’ve been focusing on. ¬†Yes, I said “we”! ¬†I am on this journey with you, as always ūüôā

It is an honor and privilege getting to work with you over time and continue to remind you, again, and again, and again, whenever it’s needed, that you are more than the sum of your parts, and that a new interpretation of what you feel, where, and what you decide it means is waiting to emerge.

When was the last time you thought your “problem” about a part of you, and then experienced a shift in experience? ¬†I would love to read about it in your comments below!

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