Lincoln Square Neighborhood in Chicago

lincoln square neighborhood chicago

Lincoln Square Neighborhood in Chicago

The Lincoln Square neighborhood comprises of many small communities such as Budlong Woods, Ravenswood, and Bowmanville. Lincoln Square is situated towards the North of the city of Chicago. The neighborhood is home to close to 50,000 inhabitants and a vast business community. The area has a rich history of the German people because they are believed to be among the first inhabitants of the neighborhood before other communities joined them. Lincoln square is always a beehive of activity with amazing city parks, restaurants, and many other privately owned businesses such as Yoga studios, law office, Chicago chiropractors, and more.

The regional library is at the heart of Lincoln square. The library building is not only a place for research but also a landmark feature in the neighborhood. The Chicago river also partly cuts across the parks. Other key landmarks include the Lincoln Stature, Café Selmarie, chopping block and the School of Folk Music. The folk music school is now almost 60 years old and is one of the highly visited areas in the neighborhood. Those who want to release the pressures of the day, throng the venue for night performances and a dining option. The school covers close to 27,000-square-foot, which includes a theater and a lecture hall.

Lincoln square is also full of fun-filled family activities. Those who would love to go out shopping can find almost anything ranging from clothing items to foodstuffs. For instance, for amazing collections of toys, one can visit the Quake’s vintage shop. There are lots of open space restaurants and bars as well. The restaurants offer dishes from different cultures such as the Amy’s candy bar for French cuisines and much more. Kids will equally enjoy playing baseball and soccer at the wells park sports club. The options are limitless.

Those who love a relatively quiet residential environment will enjoy living in this neighborhood. The area is characterized with small private residential apartments and a few palatial homes. The houses are a blend of ancient and modern architecture designs. Real estate business is also well developed with a number of multi-unit apartments for investors and some single units for first time home owners. Accessing the Lincoln square is also easy with the vast network of roads and square lanes. The neighborhood is surrounded by the Montrose Avenue, Peterson Avenue, and Ravenswood Avenue. The city parks are accessible via the numerous lanes such as the 12-lane bowling alley situated on the northern side. The main link is the Brown line.

The neighborhood has equally well developed social amenities. The neighborhood is home to the Swedish covenant hospital and Kindred Hospital Chicago North. Aside from the Folk school, Lincoln Square has many other learning institutions such as elementary schools and colleges.