Lincoln Square and Ravenswood – Must See Neighborhoods

ravenswood lincoln square

Chicago, the “Windy City” as it is often called, lies along the shores of Lake Michigan. It is known for its vibrant arts scene, numerous cultural attractions, excellent shopping, and interesting architecture. Ravenswood is a neighborhood on the North Side of Chicago that is part of Lincoln Square. The location of Ravenswood and Lincoln Square within the city of Chicago has made it something of an intersection point and, as a result, it is home to a variety of different kinds of restaurants. What one will always find interesting about the area, in general, is that with a little bit of research you can have access to a surprising variety of foods and dishes.

The Ravenswood neighborhood in Lincoln Square contains a nice variety of homes, particularly condos, apartments, and older homes in nice condition. It is a family friendly neighborhood, and is also home to former governor Rod Blagojevich and current mayor Rahm Emanuel. If you enjoy being around politicians and are looking to be among some of the city’s more well-known celebrities, this neighborhood may be for you. Cultural activities and beautiful open parks and spaces can be explored throughout the neighborhood. After going through the freezing winters, Chicagoans often take advantage of the outdoors amidst very warm summer temperatures, and Lincoln Square has a lot to offer.

Community events are put on with great charisma throughout the neighborhood, particularly the annual Mai-Fest that features German traditions and fare, and lots of interesting local artists. The population of Ravenswood and Lincoln Square is fairly diverse. It’s a fairly affluent area, but also affordable for singles and couples. There are a lot of families in the area. There is also a good variety of small local shops in the neighborhood – clothing boutiques, toy shops, offices for massage therapists, chiropractors and other professions. The restaurants are amazing – there’s plenty to choose from for whatever your desired taste is at the moment.

In addition to its diverse number of amazing restaurants, there are also many diverse businesses in Lincoln Square and Ravenswood. The area has seen a tremendous growth and support for local shops among the residents. A large percentage of the local businesses are independently owned and operated. It is a great area to go to in order to support small business owners.

Lincoln Square and Ravenswood

Whether you like Italian, German, or Japanese food, you can find it in Lincoln Square and Ravenswood. For this reason, the neighborhood has become sort of a beacon for foodies in recent years. In addition to the food, shopping is excellent. You can find both amazing meals and good presents for your friends and family throughout the area. If you are looking to spend some quality time in a friendly environment, take a stroll through the Ravenswood and Lincoln Square neighborhood and enjoy the shopping among local businesses, take in the atmosphere at an outdoor restaurant patio, and take a nice walk in the beautiful parks.