Meet our March Practice Member of the Month

Good Morning!

We are very excited to introduce our Practice Member of the Month for March– Dawn W. from Hammond, IN.


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Dawn first came to New Day after searching for a doctor who specialized in Network Care. She felt strongly that her family needed more guidance and healing, “in a natural way.” The closest office to her Indiana home was ours in Chicago.

“I began treatment and after a short while, I thought I was “fixed.” I ended up taking a break from care because driving [to New Day] was a challenge, and I thought I had completed my journey.” 

Before long, Dawn returned to New Day:

“After I stopped network care, I immediately felt my body started shutting down again… It was clear to me then that it was the treatments with Dr. Katie–they were the key element to my healing.”

Through her commitment to care, Dawn has overcome many debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia and found a sense of inner peace while on her journey to healing:

“I feel like I’m a huge success! I’m 90-95% pain free with zero brain fog… My chronic fatigue and insomnia to 90% eliminated. I have a feeling of inner peace, strength and unity–my spirit, physical and mental sides of myself are now “friends.” 

Dawn has been in care at New Day since August 2015. She makes the trip in from Hammond twice weekly for her sessions, often bringing her adorable son, Mac, along with her. Next time you’re in the office on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon be sure to introduce yourself to Dawn. She’s a warm soul, who brightens our days with her inspiring story.

Thank you, Dawn!

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