Meet the practice member who goes the extra mile (more like 30)

Practice member Kathy is 7th grade science teacher who comes all the way from Elgin for care at New Day! Below Kathy shares a little about herself and what motivates her to make the drive to see Dr. Katie.

Q What motivated you to start Network Care at New Day?

A  My motivation for starting network care was to restore my health, I heard about NSA from my daughter that practices Chiropractic in Peru South America.  She began receivng treatment and noticed a difference in her overall life.  She became a certified NSA practitioner along with her husband.  She said that this was the type of care I needed, so I began my search and found Dr. Katie.

Q What initial results did you see from care?

A  After my first few visits pain that I was having in my low back was gone!!  I had been under previous Chiro care and I never saw the results that I saw with the NSA visits.  I found myself pain free able to move more.  This motivated me to continue care.  I honestly don’t ever see myself going back for traditional Chiropractic.  After each visit I feel amazing.

Q You’ve lost quite a bit of weight since you started care here. What’s your secret?
A  Since beginning care I have lost about 43 pounds.  I believe that the NSA care is helping me to reach a higher level of existence.  I have started eating an oil free wholefoods plant based diet.  Eating this way gives me more energy, I no longer need to worry about counting calories, i t is freeing.

Q  You come all the way here for care from Elgin, which is no small feat in rush hour traffic.  Tell us a little about what keeps you going when you’re facing rush hour traffic.

A  Sometimes it takes me 2-2.5 hours to drive in from Elgin in rush hour traffic I do this because of the way I feel after my session.  I feel renewed and energized.

Q  What are you most looking forward to in the new year?

A  I am looking to continue my health journey, continue evolving in the coming year into the best me I can be.

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