Dr. Katie is a miracle worker. I had a 90 percent improvement after my first visit — and that came without all the popping, twisting and cracking that I’ve experienced at traditional chiropractors.

I’ve gone to traditional chiropractors before with running injuries, and I cannot deny their methods worked better, faster and for less $ than physical therapy had. But I dreaded the popping, cracking, etc. that came with it.

This time around, I am pregnant and was having severe muscular pain in both upper legs and some lower back pain. (The latter is common with pregnancy, but the former is not.) Some days, it was painful just to stand up from a seated position, let alone do basic things like climb stairs, carry a basic bag of groceries, take the dog out or exercise her. Even though my husband did everything he could to take on those tasks, it was a very unwelcome adjustment for me to simply not be very mobile and to have to concentrate just to get up from a chair. When I climbed the stairs, I’d have to hold the hand just because I didn’t have the strength and stability I normally would.

I knew I wanted to try a chiropractor, but I definitely didn’t want a traditional type of treatment this time. I had met Katie at a networking group about 2 years ago and knew she practiced a new kind of chiropractic that was much more gentle and didn’t involve any of the cracking, twisting, etc.

I scheduled an appointment and could not believe the difference. It’s unbelievable. Her methods are more like going in for a nap and a light massage. You lay on a massage table, and she uses her hands to apply incredibly light pressure to different parts of your spine and back. There’s zero pain and discomfort. I don’t know how it works, but I do know that it DOES work, it’s pain free and it’s relaxing. I’ve nearly fallen asleep every time I’ve been there.

As I said, I felt 90 percent better after 1 visit. I’ve since been back 3 times, and my pain is nearly gone completely. I feel stronger overall when it comes to hiking up the stairs to the condo (hand railing optional!), walking the dog, and doing basic every day things that require some effort and stability on your feet. For the last few days, I’ve been able to get the dog out to the lakefront and walk completely pain-free.

If you’re looking for chiropractic results without the traditional methodology, I cannot say enough good things about New Day Network and Dr. Katie Ray.

Angi S., Chicago

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