More chiropractic + less medicine = a better life!

Dr. Mercola hit the nail on the head this morning with his “10 Reasons to Avoid your Doctor.”  While there is no doubt that medical interventions are important in that they save lives in certain situations, medical care should never be mistaken for wellness care.  Dr. Mercola cites research as to why you should think twice about seeing a medical doctor for health concerns such as mammograms, high cholesterol, pap smears, high blood pressure, and nutritional counseling.  For those of you who aren’t reading his stuff, it really is worthwhile.

So what’s the solution?  Unfortunately many of the medical “solutions” to health problems create more interference to the body’s internal regulatory mechanisms.  Artificially lowering blood pressure through drugs, is a prime example of this problem.    The body, through the nervous and endocrine systems, raises blood pressure as part of a physiologically necessary stress response.  Lowering blood pressure artificially puts all kinds of extra stresses on the body, and does nothing to address the cause of why the blood pressure is high in the first place.  In some cases such medications may be part of the solution, but should never be viewed as the solution.

There’s only one health solution geared toward removing interferences in the body’s ability to function– and that’s chiropractic care!  With less stress and less interference, the body can focus on doing what it does best, maintaining health and sending you signals (in the form of colds, aches, pains, tiredness, etc) when you need to change your behavior to promote health and healing.

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