Wow! I’ve done a lot of body work and alternative medicine healing in my tim -I’ve pretty much tried everything under the sun for chronic tightness in my low back and neck as well as fatigue. I received a greater impact with Dr. Katie in just 12 sessions than I have in the last 9 years of trying other modalities. My chronic tension is gone, after being told by other providers that this was just something I would have to live with. Likewise, my fatigue have improved too. I realized how much of my fatigue was exacerbated by deep chronic holding in my spinal muscles.

Dr. Katie was incredibly kind, attentive and offered a very thorough explanation of her techniques at our in-person consultation. She has a strong knowledge of body-based healing and made an effort to really wrap her head around my presenting symptoms. I’ve tried a lot of treatments over the years and, consequently, I ask a lot of questions. Her approach was very dialogic, patient, respectful and comprehensive.

I’m a card-carrying believer in Network Chiropractic now. I talk about it so much to my friends, almost as if I had stock in the company or something! I’ll be continuing through my package of 24 sessions with Dr. Katie and will likely stay with this modality for some time. Compared to other complementary healing modalities out there, the price is fine -especially considering Dr. Katie’s hours and availability. I wish I would have known about this 9 years ago instead of spending so much money in wrong direction 😀 Cheers!!!!

Joseph P., Chicago

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