I came to New Day by referral and actually had no idea what Network Spinal Care even was.  At first I was skeptical but I noticed a huge change from the very first treatment.  I had been dealing with fibromyalgia symptoms for almost 2 years.  At first I was totally satisfied in just relieving the chronic and constant pain, sleeping issues and brain fog.  But I actually received much more!  Since I have started care, I have noticed that I am more centered, balanced, focused, empowered etc.  I have increased my inner strength and core strength.

There have been challenges along the way with being able to afford treatment, but how could I afford NOT to have treatment?  We have overcome this and have moved forward to now my husband starting treatment as well.  Our goal is to have our toddler in treatment right along with us!  The treatments and care we receive from Dr. Katie not only improve our health, but many other things as well!

Dawn W., Hammond IN

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