Dr. Katie’s work with me has been nothing short of a miracle!!! I have been living and working on an organic farm, in central IL. Having moved from Chicago, IL last year, I had left my wellness resources behind. The work on the farm can be physically challenging and I developed a knot in my neck that had made every part of my life a difficult challenge.

In the past I have seen 3 different Chiropractors through the years for different issues. Just thinking about someone manipulating and attempting to adjust my neck, seemed and felt like an impossible task. I allowed the condition to linger for 6 weeks, reaching awful circumstances, like jumping out of bed with shooting pain, just from moving my head.

I am a Spiritual person, and I ask spirit for help with this situation. I happen to be at a social function on a visit to Chicago, when I met Dr. Katie, and I knew right away she could help. I scheduled an appointment right away and got miraculous relief that same day. Made it back for a couple more sessions over the next few weeks and I was back to a place where I could sleep through the night and work through the week without pain and the tense in my neck was gone.

Recently, I have been back for maintenance and overall wellness sessions and their working perfectly for my needs. The methods of this type of Chiropractic care are amazing! To be able to treat and help me and others without manipulating and adjusting the spine and body is Miraculous!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,
Lots and Lots of Gratitude,

Shiva A., Eureka IL

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