New Client

OUR CHIROPRACTIC CARE | FAQ | We look forward to the privilege of meeting you and working with you.

During your first visit, you will sit down with Dr. Katie for a consultation to help determine your unique health needs and goals. It is important for you to take time to tell us as much as you can so that we can provide the most help for you. Next, Dr. Katie will conduct a thorough spinal exam. This exam will determine the present state of health of your spine and nervous system, and whether or not our care is the solution. If Dr. Katie finds that the nerves in your spine are under stress and that you could benefit from Network Care, your first visit will end with a session of care. Your session will last about 15 minutes.

Based on your consultation, exam, and your first session we will then create a plan for your care that will address your needs. If we determine that you would be best served elsewhere, we will make a referral to assist you in your healing.

Before your first visit, you may download, print, and fill out our intake forms (New Patient Form & Wellness Assessment) to bring in with you if you like.