New, exciting ways to get healthy in the new year!

Happy 2017, New Day!!!

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What a difference a day makes, right?

It’s all about perspective, right?  December 31st and January 1st are only a day apart.  Objectively speaking, the differences between them are miniscule.  But what we make that difference mean, and what that new day brings to our perception and focus is enormous!

Every moment of every day you’re becoming a new you.  You have cells that are dying and new cells  that are being created. If we’re getting chiropractic care and the brain and the body are properly connected through the spine and the nerves, those new cells being created are the best they can possibly be.  With Network Care, the new you that you are becoming is always changing and evolving according to your highest potential.

Every time your spine gets an adjustment it needs, you have the best chance for health in your life, because every time your spine gets an adjustment it’s like New Year’s Day for your brain– there’s a whole new sense of clarity, focus, possibility, and ease, and a whole new ability to heal from within.  With consistency with chiropractic care over time, our bodies can evolve and reorganize according to that new awareness.

Just like how after we get our adjustments it’s our body’s best time to get healthy because the connection to the brain is the best, and so it is that New Year’s is a perfect time to get focused on our priorities for ourselves in our lives.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, be more consistent with your healthy habits, or amplify the good of what you’re already doing, I’ve got 7 new, exciting ways for being healthy in the new year that I cannot wait to share with you!

Add any one or more of these to take your health to the next level in the new year!

1. Make your healthy habits a priority by scheduling them.

In our parents and/or grandparents generation, it was enough to feel “pretty good,” “fine,” or to “get by.” I’ve joked that for our parents it may have been enough to be just functional enough in their health to be able to make it through the day at a job (that they probably didn’t like), before coming home to eat, drink, pass out from exhaustion, and do it all again tomorrow.

For most of us today, we are so busy and the demands of life are so high, that we want to feel our best while we work as well as get the most possible out of what little “free” time we might have.  Both feeling and functioning well are no longer a luxury, but are a necessity.

Scheduling our healthy habits, such as your weekly Network Care sessions, is the best way to make sure you get what you need not just to survive, but to thrive.

The same goes for exercise.  Decide how many times per week you wish to exercise (at least 4 is recommended) and schedule it in BEFORE your other commitments.  Whether it’s workout classes at a gym or yoga studio, or just times to walk or run outside, you will benefit the most if you schedule it ahead of time.

There are many great neighborhood gyms you can check out to hold you accountable with your fitness goals.  Personal training is also a great way to make fitness a priority.  Comfy Fitness, co-owned by New Day practice members Carrie Drapac and Kira Elliot, is a small personal training gym with a comfy feel to help you get on track with your fitness.  Adding one day of training per week to your wellness regimen could be just what you need to get to the next level in 2017.

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Go to to learn more!

2. Go to the GATE!

Whether you’ve been in Network Care for years, or you are pretty new but loving the results, attending the Transformational Gate might be the next step in your evolution!  How do you know if the Gate might be right for you?

  1. You love the results you’re getting with Network Care
  2. You are ready and willing to have bigger and more exciting changes in your body and life
  3. You believe that where there’s risk, there is also reward
  4. You see yourself (or would like to) as an integral part of the SOLUTION on the planet


How can you get plugged in?  First, if you haven’t already, check out the blog I recently wrote about the Transformational Gate here:

Second, you can attend an informative workshop at New Day next Wednesday, January 11th at 6PM where you can learn more and hear the experiences of New Day practice members who have attended the Gate!


Third, you can go directly to learn more about the Gate online and register there!

3. Supplementation for sufficiency

Many of us have an “all or nothing” type of philosophy when it comes to nutritional supplements.  We are either filling our kitchen cabinets with every natural pill, tablet, powder, and homeopathic that strikes our fancy, or we are letting ourselves run out of everything and go months at a time without supplementing.

There are compelling reasons why as humans living on the planet in this day and age, we need to supplement our nutrition.  But that doesn’t have to mean running around grabbing onto every single vitamin out there in a vain attempt to treat what ails us or prevent a future disease.

I urge supplementation not from the typical outside-in or “treatment based” approach, but rather by asking the question of what we can give our bodies that is most likely missing in today’s diets and lifestyles so that our BODIES can create health.

Innate Choice is a supplement company that was that exists to provide what our bodies innately require to create wellness.  As a result, they only sell 4 supplements, a multivitamin, Vitamin D, Omega Sufficiency, and a probiotic.



I have taken the probiotic, Omega Sufficiency, and Vitamin D continuously for 10 years, and most of the time that’s all I take.  This is why we offer these supplements at New Day, as a way for you to easily obtain high quality versions of the supplements most people are likely to need the most for most of their lives for wellness.

And we are having a sale on Innate Choice in January so that you can easily try adding them to your wellness regimen! To read more about Innate Choice and the research on probiotics, omegas, and Vitamin D, click here:

4. Join a produce CSA

Ever wanted to get more produce into your diet without having to go to Whole Foods any more often than is absolutely necessary?  Ever wanted the opportunity to eat more seasonally, locally produced foods?  Ever wanted to support a small, organic farm?

Joining a CSA is a great opportunity to do all those things.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Basically how it works is that you pay up front or pay a monthly charge for a weekly subscription of vegetables produced on that farm.  Some CSAs offer delivery to your home, while others involve a weekly pickup.

I have been part of Tomato Mountain CSA for years and have loved it.  The vegetables are grown on a farm in Wisconsin, and are delivered to my home every week!  You also have the capability to add extra goodies such as jars of stewed tomatoes, maple syrup, eggs, and the like to your weekly deliveries.


To learn more about Tomato Mountain farm and signing up for a CSA share, click this link:

5. Join a meat CSA

If you’ve eaten a paleo-style diet (ie vegetable heavy and including meat) for any period of time, one of the first problems you may have encountered is in consistently obtaining high quality, sustainably raised, and preferably grass-fed meat.  Whole Foods again is typically the only option, and depending on the week the choices might not be that numerous (because if you poke around much you will find that much of their meat is also farmed under inhumane conditions and laden with hormones).

I recently discovered a monthly subscription service for sustainably raised, mostly grass-fed meat from a farm in Illinois!  Cedar Valley is a wonderful family-owned farm that produces and distributes sustainably raised, hormone free meats.  Every month I pick up my share from Augusta Food and Wine in Lincoln Square (there are other pickups in the Chicagoland area as well), and it is filled with a variety of pork, chicken, beef, sausages, and sometimes eggs.  Since I started using Cedar Valley I have saved money and have more peace of mind about what I’m eating.


Learn more and sign up here:


6. Go on a cleanse!

Sometimes I think dietary cleanses get a bad wrap.  People sometimes regard them as supposed “quick fixes” that in and of themselves will not make the fundamental shift required for good health over the long term.

I am a big supporter of doing cleanses on a regular basis, and have for many years done 1-2 cleanses per year.  Cleanses are perfect if your diet has been off the rails for some time, and you need the structure and singularity required to stay healthy for a period of time.  I love cleanses because they give me time to think, feel, and reflect in a different way because of the clarity I get in my system from only eating clean and avoiding all things unhealthy.  Cleanses can help reset the digestive and hormonal systems as well as your routines, in ways that do promote long term change.

If you’re looking for a cleanse, and especially if you’re newer to cleansing, Arbonne makes a 30 day cleanse that is easy to understand and follow.  New Day practice member Lydia Gray is now selling the cleanse for a 50 percent off.  If you jump on the wagon now, you can join a whole group of people cleansing at the same time starting on January 16th!





To learn more about this cleanse and get signed up for January 16th (I know the information on that image is tiny!) contact Lydia Gray

7. Create an experience with Essential Oils!

If you’re a New Day practice member, then you already know a bit about essential oils and how they can help, along with why use Young Living oils.  Similar to my recommendations above, oils are best used to activate the healing and creativity within, NOT to treat or get rid of pains or problems.  I use oils to create magical, meaningful experiences in my life and tap into new realms of feeling and understanding.  Consider adding an oil to your morning routine that helps you get centered and excited for your day!  Just one could make a huge difference.

Many of you know that I attend a great many seminars, conferences, and personal development programs.  One of the ways I love to use oils is that I always bring one oil with me to an event and I use it throughout the entire program.  I did this 2 years ago when I attended Tony Robbins UPW program.  I used Young Living’s Valor essential oil blend the entire weekend.  Now, whenever I use valor, I get plugged directly back into the experience I created that weekend, helping me reap ongoing benefits from an event that was 2 years ago.

This month our Essential Oil of the Month at New Day is Sage.  Sage is known for helping clear the energy of a space, and can promote peace of mind, centering, and spiritual connection.  Pick some up on your next visit, and use Sage as your New Year theme-oil!


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