Northcenter – Neighborhood of Chicago

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North Center – A place known for its vibrant neighborhood with live music, live theatre, and service oriented restaurants, retailers and businesses. Here are a few things you should know before traveling to North Center.

Culture of Northcenter

The history of North Center is filled with European cultural influences and immigrants who settled here. It is because of them that North Center has a classy charm in its architecture. The well-kept bricked homes will be seen in the residential areas. The large attractive parks and tree lined streets can also be seen with this cultural influence. Along with the beautiful architecture and people, the streets are lined up with various shops and small businesses. Click here to see more about our location.

Things to do in North Center – Neighborhood of Chicago

1.    Revere Park

Revere Park is a beautiful park that draws many different sports enthusiasts with fields setup for games of football, baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby and softball. The park also has programs for kids of age 5 or so relating to arts and crafts, tumbling, their fitness and numerous other fun games.

2.    Conservatory – the Comedy Theater

If you want a good laugh, go visit the Comedy Theater in North Center. This production house hosts several comedy shows every season. They cater all type of comedy for all sorts of ages. Kids Halloween shows, adult comedy plays, holiday comedies etc.

3.    Orange Garden – Cantonese Cuisine

A 70 years + old school restaurant, Orange Garden, with its old fashioned interior is a classic spot for anyone with varied taste. The Cantonese food here is known as some of the best, which brings in a share of tourist, but you will see lots of regulars coming here often.

4.    American Theatre Company

A theater that spoke to the actual working class people of Chicago was formed in a warehouse to which they made a 100 seated theater. Plays like Bad Moon, The Hairy Ape and Monsters and Monster 2 have been presented here.

5.    Anne Leuk FeldHaus Studio

This is a very unique and different art studio from where you can bring people that will bring a smile on their face. This studio is a Dog Painter studio where you pick a dog or a cat from the portfolio of Anne Leuk, choose your own border, background, pet’s name, pet’s marks and colors and voila, and get a picture painted of the dog.

6.    Martyr’s

The interior of Martyr’s gives a feeling of a neighborhood bar with its fantastic comfort food menu, from burger, wraps, to chicken wings. Something that makes this restaurant / bar unique is that it has live music and stage performances of deceased artists by the local artists.

7.    Clark Park Boat House

A very huge park made on 19 acres will offer you a free – ride bike, soccer field, Kerry Woods Cubs Field and the WMS Boat House. The Kerry Wood Cubs Field is a place for baseball fans catering seats for 1250 people. The WMS Boat House is a rowing center. It provides training facilities for rowing and a boat storage facility.

Whether you live in the area or looking for an adventurous weekend outing, the Northcenter neighborhood of Chicago has enough to keep anyone occupied and interested, whatever your preference. Come explore this historic and vibrant community.