Working with Dr. Katie at New Day Network Wellness Center has been a completely transformative experience for me. I am not new to chiropractic care, but when I started with Dr. Katie I had no idea what to expect. I had never heard of NSA and had no knowledge of that modality except that it was going to be very different from what I was used to.

NSA is a much more subtle technique than any other type of chiropractic care I have received, but the results have been tremendous. It is hard to really put into words how it has affected me, other than that I feel like a completely different person. I tend to be a somewhat anxious person and have not had a bout of anxiety or any panic attacks since I began working with Dr. Katie. I feel more calm, relaxed, happier and positive, and significantly more in tune with my body.

What really hit the nail on the head for me was Dr. Katie’s seminar. She hosts a short seminar for new patients that explains exactly what NSA is and its benefits. I was unable to attend until about three months into my sessions with her. Everything she said about the benefits of NSA and how it works with and for your nervous system was dead on for me. And it was great going to the seminar AFTER I had so many sessions with her because I knew what I was hearing was not giving me any kind of “placebo” effect. I already KNEW that it was working and hearing the facts just validated what I already knew!

Of course I can’t write a review without saying something about Dr. Katie herself. She is incredibly knowledgeable about NSA and has a very calming demeanor. I feel very comfortable with her and being in her care. I anticipate working with her for a long time and if anyone reading this review is unsure about NSA I encourage you to try a few sessions with Dr. Katie! I promise it be nothing but a beneficial experience!

Ashley P., Chicago IL

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