One word you’ll NEVER hear me use with essential oils


Why I cringe when I hear that word,
and why I use essential oils at New Day and in life


Happy Friday!!!

As many of you may already know, today is the day of our once yearly, one-day sale on Young Living products.  I love having this sale because it means that more of you will be experiencing the power of the oils, bringing more healing magic into your daily lives and the lives of those around you.

I recently had an experience that I wanted to share with you concerning essential oils.  Last weekend, as you may recall, our office was closed so that I could attend a seminar.  The seminar, the Landmark Advanced Course held in downtown Chicago, was an intense and somewhat exhausting exercise in transformation that required me to be at my most energized.

At one point, as is my habit, I pulled out a certain Young Living blend from my purse (Juvaflex– specially chosen by me for the occasion!) to help enhance my experience.  The woman next to me, noticing this, whispered excitedly, “aromatherapy!”

I noticed myself cringe slightly, as I always do, when I hear that word.  It’s a very commonly used word to describe how essential oils may be used.  And I certainly don’t want to take away from the enthusiasm being experienced by the person using this word by reacting negatively.  But. . .


It really comes down to why I choose to use essential oils at New Day and in my own life.  When I hear the word “therapy” I hear “fixing” or making something bad “better.”  In short it means for whatever situation you are facing the same but slightly more, better, or different.  Taking things from unmanageable to manageable.  From energy poor to energy neutral, at best.

“Therapy” gets used a lot to describe chiropractic care.  When I consider chiropractic as therapy, it similarly becomes all about getting rid of a problem.  Unmanageable pain becomes manageable.  Things feel “under control.”  Fixed from the outside in.  While this may be the reason many of us originally sought out Network Care, we soon become present to a whole other realm of possibility that happens through reorganizing the nervous system to a higher level of functioning.

With my use of essential oils, as in my application of Network Spinal Analysis, it’s not a therapy.   It has nothing to do with fixing you, making you feel better about your situation, or taking a problem away.  It’s about connecting you to your highest possibility.

Essential Oils are part of my healing practice at New Day to open up new realms of wonderment, adventure, and awakening in the healing we do together.  Oils– by their aroma as well as through being consumed or absorbed into the bloodstream– create new possibilities for healing that are then anchored into our physiology.

When you use an oil outside of New Day that you experienced in one of your sessions, you are instantly reconnected to a transformation you experienced and are able to easily call in that way of experiencing.  It’s a profound, fun, and inherently creative way to bring an expanded awareness into your daily life.

Young Living oils are the best oils I have found to produce the results in your life experience.  I hope you take today to take advantage of our one-day essential oils sale (contact our office to make your order before 5PM!).  In the meantime, if you’ve had a memorable experience of feeling connected to your highest possibility through essential oils at New Day, I’d love to hear it!  Please comment below!


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