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Have you ever tried to explain to friends or family how network care has benefitted you? Trying to put into words the sometimes subtle changes in your physical, mental, or emotional health since beginning care can be like trying to describe a color. (Go ahead and try; it’s a fun experiment.)

If only there were some kind of assessment to measure the effects of your care on the one thing that most of us think is pretty unchanging– our personalities!

The exciting news is that New Day is launching a unique pilot research program that puts us on the cutting edge of understanding alternative healthcare modalities.

Practice member Joe Person is a healthcare consultant with a background in behavioral and social science research. He is certified to conduct and interpret psychometric surveys and is now enrolling our practice members in a valuable impact study.


If you are a new practice member (in my care less than 1 month), we need you! Over the next year, Joe will administer the PF 16 Assessment to over 30 practice members. This personality test, developed in 1949 by Dr. Raymond Cattell, is a leading personality test used by human resource departments. Joe describes it as being similar to the famous Meyers-Briggs personality test, but taken up a level. It measures 16 core elements of personality considered to be “core traits,” or traits that are thought to rarely change unless there is a profound life event.

This assessment looks at global changes that are typically hard to measure, such as: our sense of liveliness, self-reliance, tension, and how open we are to change.

This assessment provides invaluable feedback about our strengths, learning edges, and career trajectories and it typically costs between $200-$400 to take, but Joe is conducting this study for newly starting New Day practice members at no cost.

After experiencing profound positive changes with Network care, Joe became curious about how positive life experiences and care for the nervous system, like Network Care, can serve as a catalyst for neuro-plasticity changes.

“A Network care impact study allows us to use this nearly 70-year-old psychological test in a more sophisticated way,” he notes. “I’m curious to what extent can we use this assessment to measure practice member’s personal growth.”  

Quantifying the results of an alternate healing modality like Network Care is challenging because practice members experience care very differently. Some find physical relief, while others see unexpected improvements in their cognitive or emotional health. Joe hopes that by using a globalized but rigorous instrument like the PF16, and by measuring practice members at a pre-treatment time frame and comparing their results to a six-month follow up, he will be able to document changes in personality.


Joe says, “Many alternative healthcare modalities don’t have the time or ability to document their success and impact literature is mostly anecdotal.”

That’s why this is such a wonderful opportunity for New Day! As a participant, you will receive a full report of your results. Not only will you be adding value to this field of research, you will also be getting something free of charge that has a high value in the workplace and could be useful for your career.

And if you’re an existing or long-time practice member? You too can take the assessment for just $35 followed by an in-person debrief.

When the study is complete, Joe plans to publicize his internal findings to other Network Care professionals, then work with other practices to replicate his findings. The final step will be to share the findings externally.

I am so grateful for Joe’s expertise and passion for this project! We have a chance here to really impact the Network Care community, as well as provide empirical data that will influence the wider public.

To learn more and become a participant, please call or email our office.


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